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Determining Your Favorite Decorating Style

Determining Your Favorite Decorating Style
What do you prefer - modern, sleek homes or traditional, ornate ones? Is high maintenance your style or comfy and casual? Read on for some interesting tips on how to figure out your decorating style...
DecorDezine Staff
The way your house looks, speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. The accessories, furniture, fabrics and paint colors that you use in your house, are a reflection of your personal taste. Whoever visits your house, will form an opinion about you, from the way your living room looks and feels. That's why, people these days pay a lot of attention to the interior décor of their house. There is one small hitch though! With so many different decorating styles, such as modern, Victorian, Asian, country-specific, Gothic, Mediterranean, etc., being popular these days, people often get confused deciding which one suits their temperament and liking. So, if you too fall in this category, given below are some useful tips for determining your favorite decorating style, which are sure to help you out. Scroll down and have a look...
Tip # 1
The easiest way to discover your personal style is to get hold of some interior decoration magazines and go through them. Mark the photos of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. that appeal to you the most. The decorating style which is visible in most of the photographs that you like is your favorite one!
Tip # 2
In the last few years, you must have visited homes of your friends, family and acquaintances. So, is there any particular house or room, whose décor you still remember? Think about the restaurants or hotels that you visit often. What kind of décor do they have? Is it modern and contemporary, with sleek, clear-cut lines? Or, is it traditional with curvy designs? Select the decorating style for your house, depending upon your choices in the past.
Tip # 3
Check out your closet. What do you see in there mostly? Jeans and t-shirts or skirts, blouses, formal dresses? Well, if you like to be in your jeans for most of the days, it shows that you prefer a comfortable, casual style. On the other hand, if you like to "dress up" in skirts, blouses, it shows that you would prefer a house which has a lot of emphasis on aesthetics. In short, a modern décor for the cool, casual ones, while a Victorian one for those who would like to use numerous elements to decorate their house!
Tip # 4
Think about your favorite colors. Do you like pastel shades? Or, is it the bright colors that attract your attention? Some people prefer black and white too, so are you one of them? This will give you a pretty good idea of which paint and fabric colors you want in your house.
Tip # 5
For the last few years, which all holiday destinations have you been to? Do you prefer the mountains, the seaside or the countryside? Do you prefer to go to places which have a rich history and culture or do you like to go to modern cities? This will give you an insight into the kind of interior decoration that you want. If you like the seaside, you can go in for Mediterranean décor and if you prefer the rural life, go in for rustic décor for your house. Or, if there is a particular favorite country that you visit often, like Italy, France or Spain, you can even consider decorating your entire home after it! Italian, French, Swiss, Swedish, Japanese, Mexican and Moroccan interior decorating styles are very popular these days!
Tip # 6
Analyze yourself. Are you a laid back person who does not like to spend much of his time in the upkeep of the house? Or, are you someone who likes to keep his house spic and span, come what may? This will help you decide what kind of furniture and fabrics to opt for. For instance, leather sofas are easier to maintain than those that are covered with upholstery. Similarly, curtains as well as window treatments need to be washed after every few months, while blinds and shutters can last for years without any maintenance and care!
With these tips, now you won't have any problem deciding on the décor for your home interiors. You can choose any specific style or mix and match a few, to come up with your own! It's absolutely your choice in the end. So, be creative and have fun, decorating your home!
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