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Detached Garage Design Ideas

Mamta Mule Jun 18, 2019
Detached garages are very popular in homes that have a large exterior space. The ones that are well-designed, not only offer a convenient vehicle parking space but also add to the overall appearance of your house.
Having a garage right besides your house has numerous benefits. When you reside in a house that offers you a front yard, you can consider having a detached garage, which is a space that does not share a common wall with your house.
It rests inside the fence boundary offering you the convenience of parking a car in a safe shaded place, which at times, includes various arrangements for vehicle maintenance and care. Here are some ideas that you can consider while building a detached garage structure.

Designate Space

Before you look at the various design plans, you need to consider the space available for a garage. Designating an area that can be convenient for parking your car after entering the gate and driving it back from the garage till the gate is essential. Also, plan how much area can you have for this garage.
Firstly, it must have dimensions larger than your vehicle or large enough to accommodate at least the number of vehicles you own at the moment. Having a scope to extend the size or having a larger than required garage space is always best, so that parking new vehicles should not be a problem.

Basic Design Plans

While working on the design plan, you must basically consider whether you need a garage to simply park the vehicle or one that will include storage and facilities to make washing and repairing your vehicles much easier right inside this space.
One of the basic detached design ideas is to have a large space that includes parking area with repair and washing facilities. Available walls and corners can be used to place necessary tools and storage boxes. Another idea is to have a closed space that is used for repair and maintenance of vehicles.
Furthermore, create a posh extension to this closed area on either side where you can park your vehicles. Now this extension can simply be made of strong metal frame and walls and top cover of clear glass. Imagine your posh speed machine parked inside this glass garage. Well, that's surely going to look awesome!

Well-designed Surrounds

The exterior of a garage structure definitely needs to be well-decorated and painted so as to go well with the exterior house paint and overall look. The next important thing is the drive way that leads to this garage. Designing it well and dedicating enough area for the same is fundamental.
The area surrounding this garage also needs to be designed well. If the structure has enough space around it, a small waterfall or pond can be added on either side. A simple rock sculpture placed besides this garage can instantly play up the design along with adding spice to your landscape.

Finish with a Walkway

You can create exclusive walkways between this structure and your door step. Wondering how? A nicely designed, curved walkway with path-lights that illuminate this track during the dark can be the best addition to a well-designed garage and your house.
Another idea is to create a closed pathway that leads to an alternative doorway of your house. Creating a closed walkway is just easy with privacy hedges that also adds to the landscaping of your front yard.
You can add many decor elements while implementing any of these ideas. These garages are best way to use your exterior space. You can go for simple or plush designs depending upon your budget. So checkout the various design options, browse through the images, consider the available area, budget, and pick one that suits your requirements.