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Designer Drapes for Less

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 10, 2019
Designer drapes instantly uplift the look and ambiance of any room. However, they are also quite heavy on the pocket. Let's see where to find these drapes at reasonable prices.
When thinking of house remodeling, one thing that is at the front of any house owner's mind is new curtains. Curtains and drapes are an integral element of home interior decorating and can set the tone of the room. No matter how much you spend on wall paints and artifacts, a room will look incomplete without proper window treatment.
If you are looking for one-of-a-kind window drapes but can't afford to splurge a lot, then you need not worry. You can get designer drapes at a lesser price if you know where to look.

Finding Reasonable Designer Drapes

Nobody likes to pay retail when you can get something for a well-discounted price. However much you like a particular curtain print or style, looking at its exorbitant price might make you think twice about buying it. However, it is very much possible to get these drapes for a lesser cost. The trick is to know when and where to get them from.
There are materials like rich velvets, luxurious raw silk, taffeta, jacquard, satins, lace, and embroidered drapery fabric that cost a lot. And if it is a designer fabric at that, it will cost even more as of its unique print and design. One good way to find such drapes for lesser prices is to regularly visit some of the top interior designers' websites.
Many designers who design their own upholstery and curtain fabrics periodically hold clearance sales for all their designer fabrics. These discounts can be as much as 50% of the retail price. This is done as each new season approaches, because designers want to unveil their latest collection.
Since they cannot stock both the old and the new collection at the same time, it makes sense for them to hold a clearance sale. You can find a lot of variety and style of drapes at a fraction of the original price in these sales. Visiting these as early as possible will ensure that you have a lot of choices in selecting your fabric.
Another good place to find these curtains and drapes at a lesser price is to keep an eye open for the sales that are held annually or biannually at some high-end department stores. These department stores have a lot of variety and choices in drapes that are sold at discounted prices.
If you find a fabric that you really like, purchase a larger amount than you need for the windows. You can use the additional fabric for decorating the trimmings of cushions to coordinate the look of your room.
Some department stores also provide the services of a seamstress who will stitch the drapes for you at an extra cost. You just need to give the precise measurements, and you will get your custom-made curtains delivered at your home.
If you are creatively inclined, you can create your own drapes at home. Adding trimmings like lace edges, satin ribbons, and sequins to plain, sheer curtains are good ideas for creating your own unique drapery.
Before purchasing in retail, it makes sense to check out the sales and discount shops. You might be surprised at the sheer variety of reasonably-priced curtains that is available at such places.