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How to Design Your Own House

How to Design Your Own House
Designing your own home can be both fun and quite an experience when trying a hand out an interior decorating. Given in this article are tips on how to design your own house.
Uttara Manohar
A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul. - Phillip Moffitt

Your house is truly a reflection of who you are. It is a place where you can relax, enjoy, eat, sleep, but most of all a place where you can be in your elements. I remember the last time I decided to refurbish my home, I thought the first thing that I needed was a professional designer and so I hired one. I got too caught up with the ideas that the designers had been showcasing and advocating. However, the day I saw the entire plan on the blueprint, I realized that although the design looked great, it did not appeal to me as my own home. That was the moment I decided to do away with the designers, and take charge of the designing process myself. Designing your own house can be quite a task, but totally worth it since it enables you to give the place a personal touch. Designing a house can include both the primary architectural elements as well as the interior designing elements that follow. In this article we will cover both the aspect that will assist you while designing your own house.

Architectural Design

Architectural elements are vital if you are planning to build a house from scratch. The first thing that you need to do is undertake a detailed study of the space available to you, requirement of rooms, the possibility of multiple stories, the roofing, as well as the locations of window and doors. In case you find this intimidating, and are still willing to work without a professional architect, there are a number of software applications that can help you with this task. A simulation of your plot area and the possible positions and areas of multiple rooms can be tried out using these designing software. You can easily drag the walls on the virtual interface until you finalize the layout and come up with your own final blueprint of the house plan.

Once the house plan is ready, you can hire services of a good residential building company to materialize your blueprint into an actual finished structure. While handing over the reins to them, make sure you explain them the plan carefully and ask for suggestions. Once the plan is finalized and the builders are at work, have a word with them on a daily basis so that the final product comes out just the way you wanted. However it is advisable not to interrupt their work very frequently and trust them with their job.

Tips to Remember:
  • Although you have decided to plan your house on your own, you cannot be aware of all the architectural design principles (unless you are an architect yourself). Hence, once you have finalized your plan, get it checked from a professional and try to incorporate the suggestions.
  • Involve all the members of the house while the plan is being made and consider individual requirements for their rooms. The final plan should be convenient for every member of your house.
  • Study the natural lighting directions to ensure optimum natural light in the living room or the study room according to your preference. After studying the light pattern it would also be convenient for you to finalize the placement positions of doors and windows.
  • Choose accurate placement of walls. Avoid a cluttered plan, study your space, and don't try to include too many rooms within little space.
  • With a little more research, try to incorporate unconventional patterns and styles into your house plan.
The Colors

Interior designing for your own house is like giving you a palette of colors and a blank canvas. All you need to do is work with your magic brush, adding a stroke here and there until you are satisfied with the end result.

First of all, use a good quality water-resistant and long-lasting paint. Yes, choosing the colors for your house can seem like an easy job, but it is advisable to put more thought into the process. Choose the color that brings out your personality, but at the same time does not go over the top. In case you are fond of bold colors, for example red, try to incorporate it along with a softer color like beige. Although the aspect of mix and match intimidates most people, a combination of two (or more) colors can create a beautiful ambiance. While picking out the colors, think of the effects the natural or artificial lights will have on the color. Patterned walls are in fashion as well. If you are really artistic, you might also like the idea of turning an entire wall into a beautiful mural instead of having a painting put up on the wall.

The Furniture

There is a lot of variety in furniture available today- steel, wrought iron, contemporary, antique, and much more. To avoid confusion, finalize the theme or the look that you want for your house and buy the furniture accordingly. In case you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks you can get your furniture custom-made as well. Do think of the durability of the furniture along with its aesthetic appeal- you need both. Do not clutter your space with a lot of furniture, instead define your storage and seating requirements and get the furniture that fits the bill just right. It is a common tendency that people pick out the most fancy sofa or the most extravagant center table for the living room. While you do that, think about the comfort factor as well as the maintenance. For example a white leather sofa might look very appealing at the store, but maintaining and cleaning it at home to keep it sparkling might be a big headache. Think chic but think convenient as well! The bedroom, kids' room or the study furniture should be finalized with the same perspective, but should incorporate individual tastes.

The Curtains and Sheets

Be it the satin pinks in the bedroom, or the crispy whites in the living room- beautiful curtains can enhance the entire look of a simple room. Double layered curtains give you the desired privacy and protection from sun as well as allow you room to be fancy and elegant with the second layer. Pick out the right length and right fabrics that will give you the desired protection and the right amount of light exposure/obstruction. In case you want something more contemporary, go for blinds. While picking out sheets for your bedrooms, generally go for the customized sets that include the pillows covers, sheets as well as comforters. If you are not a 'color-coordination' type of a person them simply mix and match according to your taste.


Your television, music system, phone, microwave, the refrigerator, laptop, etc., form an integral part of your interior design. Built in space for the gadgets is a great idea and scores on space usage as well as aesthetics. As for your television, you can opt for a sleek LCD TV that just hangs on the wall instead of the bulky ones. As for the music system or home theater, make sure you get the speakers fixed with concealed wiring. Messy wires can just ruin the look of the house.

Lighting and Decoration

Now comes the part where you think of all your favorite things and slot in these things into your home décor. That antique wall clock that has been a family heirloom, the African art that you picked up on your safari, or the beautiful painting that you bought in an auction - now is the time to flaunt it. If you are looking for something extravagant, then splurge on crystal chandeliers. Embroidered carpets with vibrant colors and interesting patterns can also be used. Remember that all your home décor will need a final touch of perfect lighting. Beautiful lights and lampshades, can not only enhance the effect of paintings and wall hangings but can also create the perfect ambiance for the living room or the bedroom. Be careful while buying lampshades that have painted patterns on them since at times, the paint can come off after extensive usage.

The Greens

If you have a garden in your front/backyard, then you get extra room for expression. Make sure you plant flowers that look attractive, require minimum maintenance, and blossom for longer periods. If you have a simple garden, try to make it more interesting by adding an outdoor pond or even a birdhouse. As for those who do not have a garden, try to create a mini-garden in the balcony or in a limited indoor space. As for the ones who cannot manage to spend time on looking after their trees and flowers, go for artificial flowers and plants to spruce up your living space and add a pinch of green to it!

Finally maintain your personal style and design your house in a way that would make you want to return home again and again.
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