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Design Ideas for Bathroom Walls and Floor Tiles

Kashmira Lad Nov 26, 2018
Your bathroom walls are like your canvas, and they are waiting to get some artistic expression! So what are you waiting for? Summon that artist in you and get some inspiration from the given design ideas for bathroom walls.

Bid adieu to the boring bathroom!

Transform your bathroom with quotes and give some fun spin to the most neglected space of your home. It could be something humorous like "Whatever happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom" or something like "get naked" and surely you will have a smile on your mouth every time you walk into your bathroom.
Home d├ęcor enjoys a niche position as a profession today. From beautiful, flamboyantly designed homes to homes that spell class with functionality, the options are many. Interior decorators employ many innovative techniques to suit their clients and plan for interiors that match the budget without compromising on the design element.
Today, designing a bathroom is looked upon as a challenge. Gone are the days of boring white tiles and muted shades. Bathroom tile design ideas are getting better and better. This is also because of the flexibility in terms of materials used and the concepts planned by the interior decorators.
A bathroom is now looked upon more than just a place where one goes to freshen up and have a wash. It is amongst the most well-planned sections of the house like any other room. Design ideas for bathroom walls can range from the basic to the funky kinds. Let's see some bathroom tile design ideas, which will reveal how to tile a bathroom in your new home!

Some Ideas For Bathroom Walls


Wooden walls will conjure a comfy rustic feel to your bathroom. Just imagine slipping into a warm tub and feasting your eyes on those wooden walls, sigh! One can't possibly have a more relaxed experience than this.
From wooden paneled walls that lend a modern appeal to blue drywalled walls for imbuing the space with interesting vibe, you can use wooden walls to create an interesting interplay of textures and forms.


To maintain a tranquil and coastal mood all year round in your bathroom, you can paint the bathroom walls with oceanic hues. Greens, blues, whites, beach glass, or like soft coral will give your bathroom an impressive beach-like feel.
If you want something impulsive or dynamic for your bathroom walls, you can opt for color blocking; there are endless oceanic hues that you can paint your bathroom walls with and meld them with complementing accessories.


Exposed brick wall will make a striking feature in your bathroom and will bring about an element of history in your bathroom space.
Retro-inspired exposed brick walls will bathe your bathroom with a lot of character and will make for one dominating feature of your bathroom. You can choose to enhance your retro walls with elegant bathtub or vanity. If you want to keep it minimal, you can just adorn your walls with a vintage-inspired mirror or even an artwork.


Wallpapers are only meant to adorn your living rooms and bedrooms. You would be totally astounded to find out the gorgeous wallpaper options available to spruce up your bathroom walls! From bright and bold to subdued and elegant, the options are more than you could shake a stick at. And all of these are splash-proof and durable.


If you are intending to give your bathroom walls a contemporary, clean, and sophisticated look, then it goes without telling that tiled walls make an apt choice for the same. Clean lines, basket weaves, mosaics, travertine floors ... there are umpteen ways to adorn your bathroom walls.