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Defogging Double Pane Windows

Defogging Double Pane Windows
If the windows in your house show condensation or fogging problems, it doesn't necessarily mean they need a replacement. Defogging double pane windows is also a method through which you can solve the issues of a foggy window. Want to know how to go about it? Read below...
Fatima Rangwala
Well, it's been awhile since you installed double pane or thermal windows in your home, eventually due to the rolling weather conditions over the years, the life of the windows wear out easily. No sealed thermal or double pane windows last for long. They eventually fail and prove faulty. It's just a marketing gimmick used by manufacturers to insure a customer that windows last a lifetime. Windows that are 10 to 15 years old mainly have a lot of moisture, condensation and soiling problems in between the panes. Some may even be stained white in color. Well, all we can say is, double pane windows getting dirty and fogged up in between the glass panes happens to be totally a natural process.
Fogged Double Pane Windows
These windows have glass panes which are separated by a stratum of inert gases and chemicals like, krypton, argon, xenon and so on. These layers happen to be sandwiched in between a set of frames which in turn is fixed in one solid panel. The movement of these windows in an upward and downward direction is pretty simple but when they get fogged and you have to think about cleaning them, the thought looks and sounds daunting to its extreme! In such a case, the most common conclusion people jump to is the failure problems with a sealing system in double pane windows. This thought line is absolutely false! Many people have this perception that because a window's sealing system fails, they become more susceptible to accumulate fog and dirt in between the panes. This in turn leads them to go in for the entire double pane window replacement procedure which is totally unnecessary!
If we come to learn the insight, we see that, it is the space on the inside of the pane which tends to heat up and expand the air in turn. This expanded air then forces out through the sealing system of the window. On the other hand, when the inner space air content contracts and cools down, humid air is drawn back into the panes. It is this humid air that brings a lot of debris and dust particles and deposits it on the interiors of the glass windows. Hence turning it all cloudy-white in appearance. This is called fogging.
And defogging is close to an impossible task unless you do not learn the appropriate methods to go about it. Else, many fetch professional help and spend those extra dollars to get the windows cleaned. Therefore to avoid expending so much money on tasks which can be managed on your own as well, let's have a look at the following content and learn to defog the windows on your own.
How to Defog a Double Pane Window
Once you read these lucid instructions on defogging, you will see the task is not as daunting as it sounds. With a few ready-made tools and simple steps you will find out that cleaning double pane windows is not really that tough.
Required Tools
  • Hose or plastic tubing
  • Drill (supportive of glass drilling)
  • 1/8 drill bit
  • Needle & Tape (optional materials)
  • Hand broom and Dust pan
Cleaning Method
Before you start off with the process, ensure all your supplies and tools are nearby and handy.
Start Drilling
Mark an upper corner of a window and drill a tiny hole in that corner just to ensure that a considerable amount of air passes out of the window. Once you finish drilling a hole in the upper section, you will have to drill a small hole in the lower half cornered section of the window (diagonal w.r.t. first hole).
After you finish drilling, a small precaution to take - Take a hand broom and a dustpan and sweep all the fallen glass particles from the floor for extreme safety measures.
Wait & Watch
Now that you have drilled in a few holes in the window, the fog will take a while to vaporize out of the panes. Perhaps a day or two can be a figure too! Most of the time, it takes a few hours for the panes to defog and clear up. So keep dropping by the window at intervals and you might happen to see some progress regarding the defogging.
What After It's All Clear?
OKAY! Once the window has defogged the moisture and condensation off the panes, you will have to secure the holes with tape so that it stays protected thereafter. When you tape the holes on the window make sure you use a needle to poke minuscule holes in the tape so that there are chances of the moisture escaping.
So see! Why spend so much money on a window replacement just because the panes have reached their threshold and are absorbing condensation, moisture and fog causing visibility problems. The task is preventable and repairable.
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