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Deep Bathtub Ideas to Experience Pure Relaxing Bliss

Rutuja Jathar Dec 10, 2018
Along with being trendy and cozy, deep bathtubs save place and add a charm to the entire bathing process. Read more...
Who wouldn't like to loosen up in a cozy bathtub and beat all the weariness that pulls one down at the end of the day, or simply to rejuvenate oneself over the weekend, or just to have a fresh start to a tiring day? How about having a deep bathtub to bathe in? Wouldn't that be exciting and refreshing?
Deep tubs are popular because they allow the whole body to soak and relax, while their older counterparts did not offer this. This is important feature of deep bathtubs. These bathtubs are user-friendly with comforting features and come in many varieties.

Features of Deep Bathtubs

As the name suggests, deep bathtubs are deeper than the normal ones and are meant for the sheer purpose of soaking the whole body. They are said to have been derived from garden bathtubs that used to be placed in the gardens of the rich and the famous, somewhere during 18th century.
The most prominent feature of a deep bathtub is that they not only relax the lower parts and legs, but also the entire body as well even when a person is in a sitting position, reading or simply sipping on a glass of wine!
This feature makes them unique and appealing to absolutely anyone and everyone. There are some wider designs that accommodate two people at a time for a couple to have a romantic bath.
Deep bathtubs also have a hot tub feature that provides greater relaxation to the body. So bathing in these can prove to be a good option for people suffering from joint pain or muscle pain.
Another variety of a bathtub comes with the provision of chromatherapy. This allows relaxation with the help of different colorsand so is a huge fascination among buyers today!

Types of Deep Bathtubs

There is a wide variety when it comes to the designs and styles. Deep bathtubs can be classified as long and extra deep. Long bathtubs require the person to lie down in the tub, while extra deep bathtubs can allow a person to bathe in the sitting position.
They also come in two other varieties, namely hot deep bathtubs and deep bathtub shower combos. Hot deep bathtubs are equipped with electric or gas heating systems, and can thus provide hot water. Deep bathtub shower combos are bathing tubs with shower attachments.
If you visit any home improvement store, you will find garden deep bathtubs, Roman tubs (one needs to step down to bathe), Japanese tubs (one can soak in water up to the neck while in the sitting position), and Greek tubs (excellent choice for decorating a small bathroom).
One of the other popular and fashionable variety is the clawfoot bathtub. This is a deep bathtub with a rolling rim mounted on claw feet, which give a very elegant look to your bathroom.
So in case you are thinking about bathroom remodeling, why not bring home a nice and cozy deep bathtub to treat yourself royally while bathing? There are many types that are economical and easy to install and repair. So what are you waiting for? Bring home your favorite tub and redefine your entire bathing experience!