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Decorative Wall Panel Ideas

Decorative Wall Panel Ideas
Wall paneling is a decorative wall treatment which enhances the beauty as well as appearance of a wall. The panels add a distinct charm, style, and sophistication to the house.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Sep 1, 2018
Blue Bed In Vintage Bedroom
Any home decorating project can be made exciting with decorative wall panels. They have come a long way with help of the innovative methods of the modern technology. Decorative wall panels can add life to boring interior walls.
They are available in myriad styles, designs, textures, and colors. Along with natural wood, panels are also available in various wood substrates like the plywood, hardboard, fiberboard, and engineered board.
Beadboard Panels
Modern & Loft Bedroom
Beadboard wall panels have distinctive beaded grooves on them. This type is suitable for people who want to accentuate the visual value of their walls. They are available in both, natural as well as stimulated wood forms, like hardboard and fiberboard.
Lionite Tileboard Panels
Modern Bathroom
These are the toughest of all types of wall panels. They are treated with melamine, which makes them water resistant. These panels are best for moist and humid areas, and hence, they are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as well.
Due to the similarity in their appearance, linolite tileboards are also used as a substitute for the expensive ceramic tiles, in many homes.
Woodgrain Panels
Office interior design with wall of synthetic wood panels
These are mostly adored for that royal and nostalgic look of country style furniture that they offer. These wall panels are primarily made using oak, cedar, birch, and pine woodgrains, while sometimes, a medium density fiberboard is also used for making them.
Wainscot Panels
Blue sofa with colorful pillows and a white coffee table
Wainscot panels are available in various precut sizes and in different types of woodgrain, to add to the elegance of the interior. They are more stylish than woodgrain panels, and are also available with single and double groove patterns.
Project Wall Panels
These are customized wall panels. Interior decoration with project wall panels is a good idea for a kids' room, home office, basement, or a garage. They come with erasable chalkboard wall panels, dry erase board wall panels, and clutter wall panels. Clutter wall panels create a clutter-free zone.
Apart from wood, wall panels are also available in other materials like brick, metal, and concrete. There are these translucent glass/plastic wall panels available, which look great with modern and contemporary furniture. You can use the best material that suits your interior colors. The panels can be made more attractive by installing drop ceiling lights.