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Decorative Toilet Seats

Sujata Iyer Aug 20, 2019
Decorative toilet seats are fun and a refreshing change from the plain and boring ones. Let's find out more about them here.
If you're planning a renovation for your home, how about trying something new and fun instead of the same old thing. How about giving your bathroom a makeover by getting one of the cute little decorative toilet seats that are fast becoming extremely popular?

Types of Decorative Toilet Seats

Often times, when we undertake improvement projects for our home, we tend to forget the bathrooms. Or perhaps, we don't give them enough importance in the scheme of things.
Let's change that a bit with some fancy toilet seats then, shall we? If you're wondering about what the different types of toilet seats are and what kind of designs you can get, then just continue reading ahead.


Acrylic toilet seats are not hard to find. And it is the same with decorative toilet seats in acrylic too. You can go to your home improvement store to check out the variety of designs that they have in acrylic seats. They are a good and durable option. There are also various online sources from where you can avail great deals on acrylic seats.


Decorative resin seats are also quite popular these days. The resin is generally a poly-resin or blended with acrylic in order to get a good finish and to make it strong and durable.
The designs can be stuck on with toilet seat stickers that are also quite popular. They can also be embedded on the seat cover. They could be raised on the cover for a better effect too.


If you have a wooden toilet seat, then you can totally transform it with a decorative toilet seat. The seat cover can have a design or a pattern carved into it.
You can get an artist to have a personalized design made for yourself. Or you can have a separate pattern stuck onto the seat cover. The most sought after designs for wooden decorative seats are animal heads like moose, deer, etc. and plants and flowers.


The lightest and the most convenient option for a decorative toilet seat is a plastic one.
It is quite easy to come across in any home improvement store and can be easily fixed and removed too. Different colors and designs are also available in plastic.


If you are not ready to totally revamp your toilet by removing the old seat and fixing a new one, then you have another option too. There are a lot of different types of stick-on toilet seats that are also available at bath stores and home improvement stores.
To use these, all you have to do is buy them from the store according to the measurements of your toilet seat and stick them onto the plain seat by ripping off the self adhesive that it has. It is an inexpensive alternative compared to getting a new seat altogether. And even if it begins to come off, you can simply replace it with another one.
There are so many designs and patterns that are used in making toilet seats. Given here are some of the most widely made and bought designs for toilet seats.
  • Sea bed with a lot of fish
  • A cascading waterfall
  • Fish in an aquarium
  • An animal's head
  • A medieval castle background
  • Patterns with seashells
  • Different oriental designs
If you have a traditional round toilet seat, then getting a decorative seat is definitely not a problem. Just make sure that you take the appropriate measurements and only then get these seats for your toilet.