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Decorative Stained Glass Window Film

Decorative Stained Glass Window Film
A decorative stained glass window film is the best cost-effective option for a person to add a stained glass panel to their home. With the myriad of options available, one can pick a design that adds to, or blends in with their decor.
Marian K
Window with stained glass
The thousand year old art of stained glass has held the fascination of man, who has used it to adorn the windows of places that were most revered: churches, cathedrals and chapels. Many of these magnificent pieces of art were made with the multiple purposes of decorating, controlling light and telling a story. It requires great skill and craftsmanship to create a stained glass window, as it must fit into the space for which it is made like a glove, resist wind and rain, and support its own weight. For this reason, these windows were and continue to be very expensive, and often considered a luxury item.
It is the dream of many a home owner to have a stained glass for their window of their very own. However, the high cost is a usual deterrent, standing between a person and the object of their desire. But fret not, for with the innovation of decorative stained glass window, you can have your very own stained glass window at the fraction of the cost.
The wide variety of decorative stained window films available may depict biblical themes, floral themes or abstract geometric pattern. These films come in varied sizes too, thus can be used on patio doors, shower doors, sidelites and mirrors. Not only do they beautify ones home, they also provide a perfect balance of letting in the right amount of light, providing privacy and blocking out the glare. They lend a very European flavor to the home, and as the Sun filters through them, a range of psychedelic shades are thrown on the floor, walls and furnishings.
A decorative window film can also be made of special material that filter out harmful rays. A wide variety of these films are available. Among them, the static cling vinyl type is very easy to use, and all that needs to be done is to peel off the adhesive layer and then paste it to the glass panel. This economical film can be taken off in the winter and reused in the summer. Another type is the wet film type. While this type has a slightly more complex application procedure, it does provide the person with more time to position it correctly before it sticks. Here, a solution of soap and water needs to be sprayed on the film as well as the glass panel before pasting. It the film is not of the same dimensions as your door or window, you can trim the edges to size once it is stuck.
Some makers of stained glass window films incorporate glass particles into designs that create the same sparkle of real etched glass. Good brands use special inks to produce these films that have deep vivid colors. Some vinyl films act as insulators, and are slow to heat and quick to cool. A very practical use of a decorative window film is to use it on a window or door that has an unsightly view. Instead of constantly keeping the blinds down, one can add a beautiful stained, etched or frosted glass design, which will not only block out the unpleasant view and provide privacy, but will also add to the room.
If the windows at Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, or Florence Cathedral in Italy took your breath away, and made you secretly desire your own little replica at home, your answer may lie in a decorative stained window film. And the best part is, you can create the same effect without spending a fortune!
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