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Decorative Pillows for Sofa

Aparna Jadhav Jan 5, 2019
Pillows are a major part of our home décor. They are mainly used for making seating arrangements comfortable, but they also add beauty and aesthetic appeal to your home.
Many people use throw or decorative pillows, for sofas and couches. Most interior designers stick to one basic rule while decorating; when the sofa cushions are plain, the pillows should be decorative; when the cushions are heavily designed, the pillows should be absolutely plain.
This adds a classy look and elegance to the rooms in which these pillows are placed. Let us find out the different fabrics that you can use for your home.

Decorative Sofa Pillow Ideas

These pillows are commonly used as part of decorative accessories for the house. They are usually available in small sizes, and in sets of two, or more. They are often used on beds, as well. Here are some ideas that you can use, while buying pillow covers for your house.


One of the most convenient and commonly used pillow covers are cotton ones. They are inexpensive, washable, soft, and durable. There are many ideas that can be used for these pillows, as cotton can be dyed and printed in any color and design.
Cotton pillows are very comfortable as they are gentle on the back, neck, arms, and feet. You can have them printed, hand woven, fabric painted, or simply colored. They can add the desired look to the room and sofa on which they are placed. If you have leather sofas, then cotton pillow covers are definitely comfortable items that you can opt for.


Leather is another fashionable and comfortable material used as pillow covers.
The clean and soft finish of leather, gives the sofa a rich and modern look. You can use these if you want to add solid-colored pillows to your printed sofa cushions. These are also used as decorative pillows for couches, leather seats, chairs, patio furniture, or any other classy seating arrangement.


Silk is a material that needs a lot of care and delicate handling. However, it is known as one of the most classy and widely used pillow cover materials, as it looks very pleasing.
There are many designs available that are made from colored silk. Most of them have Chinese, Thai, or Indian designs, on them. There are a variety of modern pillow cover patterns that use swallows, dragons, Chinese symbols, polka dots, stripes, sequin, beads, embroidery, etc., that all look beautiful on a silk background.
Pillow covers add beauty to home furnishings like couches, chairs, or beds. So, go ahead and pick your favorite designs to make your house look elegant.