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Decorative Painting Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Jun 30, 2019
Decorative painting is a good option for transforming the look of your home to give it some elegance. Some of these are simple enough to do without any professional help too.
Using different painting techniques for your house can give it a very stylish and chic look. Decorative painting techniques are great for people who like to experiment and make a statement.
There are many different ideas that you can choose from, and they are increasingly becoming popular with homeowners who want something different. Here, we will discuss some of the most popular and easy decorative wall and furniture painting ideas.

Faux Painting Ideas for Walls

Sponge Painting

In this technique, a base paint is first applied to the walls, and another color in a different shade complementing the first color is applied. A sponge is then used over the wet paint to create different patterns. Sponge painting is one of the easiest techniques, and you can never go wrong with it.
One of the advantages of this painting technique is that you can use it to conceal a wall that has an uneven finish, and it is also great for creating texture and depth.
Before attempting to do sponge painting on an entire wall, first try it out on a small section of the wall to see if the colors you have chosen are complementary or not. To sponge paint a wall, you need to apply a base coat on your walls which has a semi-gloss finish. Using a damp sponge, dip it in the second color of your choice and wipe out the excess.
Start by applying the sponge on the corner of the wall, and roll it in a semicircular way. When the paint is exhausted, dip the sponge back into the color and continue sponging the whole wall. Make sure that you are consistent with the way you roll the sponge, to get an even finish.

Stripes on Walls

Stripes on the walls is also one of the best decorative ideas, particularly for a big room or a kids' nursery. To get this effect, first you have to apply a base coat of paint and let it dry. Using a tape measure and a level, carefully draw straight lines all through the walls to mark the stripes.
Place the tape on the portion of the stripes that you won't be painting, and seal it with a dry cloth so that the paint does not seep in from underneath. Now, apply the color of your choice all along the wall and also over the tape. Pull the tape off after the wall has dried, and you will be left with a beautiful striped effect on your wall.

Stippling and Marbling

Stippling and marbling are a great way to add drama, depth, and dimension to a room. First, you need to paint the walls in a base coat with the help of rollers. Allow the base coat to dry, and then pour the glaze out on a roller pan.
Apply a thin layer of this glaze on the dried wall. Now, with the help of a stipple brush, smudge the glaze in a random pattern. Continue in this way until you have covered the entire wall.
Here are some helpful examples:
  • Starry wall
  • Geometric painting on wall
  • Brick wall with frames
  • Drifting balloon on wall
  • Hand prints on wall
  • Pastel abstract painting

Creative Painting Ideas for Furniture

To decorate any plain piece of furniture, the first thing that you should do is sand the furniture thoroughly to remove all traces of previous paint. Always make sure that you sand along the grain to avoid damaging the wood. Once you have finished, rub the entire piece with a muslin cloth to remove any debris.
Now, use a good quality wood stain and apply it with a paintbrush and let it dry. Paint the piece in the color of your choice, and let it dry overnight. Sand the piece again lightly, and apply a second coat of paint, and allow it to dry. Decorate the painted surface with a different color paint.
You can also use stencils to create different patterns, like seashells, clouds, and half-moons. After you are done painting, apply a final coat of varnish to give it a good finish.
Here are some helpful examples: 
  • Painted wrought iron chairs
  • Painted dresser
  • Painted wood chair and table
These techniques are very great options if you are trying to revamp your old furniture. If you are creatively inclined, you can do these at home by the techniques of sponging, stenciling, and graining.