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Awesome Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Mamta Mule Jan 6, 2019
There are certain etiquette of decorating small spaces that bring out their complete potential. Continue reading for an understanding of this concept.
Small spaces require specialized forms of decorating, something that will overshadow the fact that they are small, and bring out instead, their full potential by making them seem larger than they appear.
With a few space decorating tips and ideas, it is possible to convert a small space and give it an illusion of being larger than it is. Let's look into some tips and tricks that you can implement while decorating the room in question.

Classic Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Before starting out on the varied decorating tips, it is important to get one thing in order―clear out the clutter. If a room is cluttered with a lot of things, it closes the space and makes the room appear even smaller than what it actually is. Clear out anything and everything that is not needed and start off from there.

The Walls

The walls and the paints used on them have a huge effect on the appearance of the room. Open up the room by painting it in tones of white and off whites, or other light shades like a pale yellow. This gives the room an open and wider feel.
Another option that one can take up is to paint a single wall in a bright color. Find the focal point of the room and paint that wall in bright shades of red, yellow, blue, or green. This contrasts well with the rest of the walls, increases the depth of the room, and gives it a feel of the room being big.
One can even paint all the walls white and have a single piece of furniture in a bright color. It will work in the same way.

Wall Décor

One of the simplest things that makes the room look larger is to place a mirror facing a window. Also, if you're planning to use wall decors, decorate one single wall rather than putting decors on all the walls. Doing so definitely opens up a closed space.
Use wide, large, and bold pieces or frames―this will draw the attention to the wall, making it the focal point and give the illusion of space.

Furniture Choices

When making furniture choices, choose one or two big pieces and let the attention be drawn to these, like a big chair or a book shelf. Do not clutter the whole room with tiny knick knacks and odd pieces that only serve to make the room appear busy.
A recent trick that designers have started applying while furnishing smaller spaces to make them feel larger is usage of glass furniture. This allows the eye to travel instead of locking in one place.
The placement of furniture should also be done such that it does not block the entrance or other doorways to the room. This not only thwarts free moving about, but gives a feeling of being in a tiny room.

Divider Options

Opt for cutting down on walls wherever possible. For example, instead of dividing the kitchen and hall into two separate rooms, break down the wall, thereby instantly creating a more open area for the eyes to sweep across.
Instead of the walls, one can choose curtains, or wooden dividers for when privacy is required.

Using Shelves

Shelves are not only a great way of bringing about storage options, but are also a great way of using them to create the illusion of a bigger space. Using open shelves instead of closed ones opens up the space to a great extent.
Open shelves serve a dual purpose. They not only create space, but because they are not closed; they automatically force you to filter the things that you will store there in order to keep them looking presentable and clutter free. So, make sure you fit open shelves instead of cabinets in areas like space under the stairs.

Bathroom Décor

The same tips that work for opening up any other space will work for the bathroom as well. Using light tones for bathroom walls and contrasting them with a strip of tiles on one wall, gives the illusion of a bigger space.
One can also place a potted plant onto an open shelf for the same feel. Similarly, using mirrors and glass dividers is another great way to open up the space by allowing light to travel throughout the bathroom.
These tips will definitely help in making a small area look larger. Use these tips to decorate your own home and see the effectiveness of the same for yourself.