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Decorating Small Bathrooms

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 19, 2018
If you think that decorating small bathrooms is difficult, you could not be more wrong. Although a small space is always challenging to decorate, if you think out of the box, you can come up with many ways to make your small bathroom look elegant and chic.
Not everybody is lucky enough to stay in big homes with large bathrooms that come with super-sized bathtubs. When you live in small, one-bedroom studio apartment, you have to make do with what you have got, and the bathroom is no exception.
That does not mean that you cannot jazz it up by decorating in smart ways to give the bathroom a stylish new look. There is a whole set of rules that you have to follow while decorating a bathroom of tiny proportion, if you do not want the space to look cramped.

Ideas for Decorating Small Bathrooms

While decorating a small bathroom, choose elements that suit your needs and design sensibilities.

Idea # 1

One of the best tips for decorating small bathrooms is to pay attention to the bathroom color. The wall color is the first thing that can make or break the look of your bathroom; and any further decorating that you do in a bathroom should complement the wall color.
Opt for soft colors, like pale yellow, peach, steel gray, lavender, and powder blue. This will make the bathroom look more airier and spacious than it is.
If you like bright and bold colors, they can be used as accent colors. Such colors can be applied on the skirting, bathroom cabinets and the frames of bathroom vanity mirrors. Avoid using bold colors on bathroom walls, as this will make your small bathroom appear claustrophobic.
If you have chosen to use wallpaper in the bathroom, then go for a pattern that is subtle, with delicate and small designs.

Idea # 2

Hang a chandelier in a modern and geometric pattern. Do not go for an opulent Victorian chandelier, as it is more suited for big bathrooms. 
If hanging a chandelier is not an option, you can install a new window or skylight in the bathroom. More light in a small bathroom will make the space look larger and airier.
Keep bathroom flooring simple and in colors such as tan, gray and light brown. Decorating bathrooms with rugs and bath mats in a bright color will make the bathroom look more stylish.

Idea # 3

A great way to combine functionality and style while decorating a small bathroom is to opt for big mirrors that are mounted in front of the sink. Mirrors can visually make any small space double up in size.
Try to use large designer bathroom mirrors with an antique frame to make your small bathroom look more stylish. You can also place light fixtures near mirrors, to reflect more light into the bathroom. Placing a mirror across the window is a great way to make the bathroom appear spacious.

Idea # 4

When you are decorating a small bathroom, an important point to remember is to get rid of all fixtures, that are taking up too much space.
One such tip for decorating a small bathroom is to replace your large vanity sink or countertop sink with a slimmer and more compact pedestal sink. Small bathroom sinks come in many designs and colors, and you can choose one that will match your bathroom decor.
Avoid storing items, like cosmetics, toiletries and medicines, in your bathroom. Think of smart storage options, like a bathroom cabinet that is compact, and accommodates your toiletries and other essentials, like clean towels.
Keep all clutter out of sight; and if necessary, install a cabinet outside the bathroom to keep essential items.
Making subtle changes like adding a new rug, painting an accent color, and using a bright soap dish can make a big impact in your small bathroom. Decorating small bathrooms might pose a challenge, but with some creative design ideas you can make your bathroom appear chic and stylish.