Key Points to Think of When Decorating Rooms With High Ceilings

Decorating Rooms with High Ceilings
Decorating rooms with high ceilings can prove to be quite a challenge. However, with proper planning and foresight, the cavernous feel of high-ceilinged rooms can be replaced by an inviting and cozy appeal.
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Last Updated: Jun 7, 2018
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The beauty of a high, vaulted, or two-story ceiling can be quite mesmerizing, and having such a large house is nothing, but a dream come true! With large houses, one doesn't need to worry about cluttering the space available, because there's plenty.
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However, creating a comfortable and welcoming feeling to the space beneath it, can be quite daunting. Lack of proper interior design can make the house feel like an empty cave or auditorium.
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However, the elegance, drama and opulence of houses with high ceilings can be retained by skillful arrangement of furniture and clever selection of wall color and decor. Let's find out how we can prevent large houses with large rooms from looking intimidating, cavernous, and boring.
Factors to be Considered Before Decorating High-Ceilinged Rooms
Wall Color and Molding
Wall paint colors
Install molding in rooms with high ceilings. and the wall below can be painted a dark shade to create an illusion of a lower, false ceiling. Avoid painting the ceiling white because, it will cause the room to lose the cohesiveness and warmth a house should have.
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Use a neutral shade for a bright look, and add a wash of color to the ceiling such as, rose-based gray, rustic terracotta, mellow yellow and other such colors. Wall papers with bold, large and rich prints can also be used.
Wooden flooring
Placing a large rug or carpet or different colored tiles in high-ceilinged rooms, helps reduce its cavernous feel. This will give your house the cozy, carpet-feel without the maintenance.
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Raising the flooring can create special corners for bookshelves, large screen TV, LCD projector or sound system, dining table etc. This makes the room look cozier. However, if raised flooring is not feasible, consider different complimenting tiles or flooring to divide the floor into different zones.
light fixtures
Large chandeliers are perfect for cavernous rooms. If the room is huge, get a nice large chandelier, because a smaller chandelier will only make the room look even bigger.
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Tall lamps that occupy vertical space are also great for such rooms. Adding 24-26 inch wall scones can also give the room a dramatic effect. Golden light is preferred, as it imparts a warm, cozy look to the room. Ensure that the electrician puts in general lighting, accent, task lighting and dimmers as well.
brown drapes
In high-ceilinged rooms, sometimes windows go all the way up to the ceiling. However, even if they don't, it's better to hang draperies high.
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This is because the room will look more grand, balanced and comfortable. To keep the high-ceilinged room from drawing the heat in, choose draperies with high insulation value. This makes it easier to manage the cooling for the entire house.
Purchasing furniture pieces with taller backs, massive legs and arms, adequate cushioning, etc. helps the room look cozier and comfortable. Small pieces will just get swallowed in high-ceilinged rooms.
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Moreover, the height of the walls will cause low-slung chairs to look dwarfed. In such rooms, it is best to group furniture pieces together in different areas of the room, thereby, creating smaller seating areas which help alleviate the cavernous feel.
Wall Hangings and Wall Art
wall furnishings
Fabric wall hangings, large wall carpets, large artwork, decorative frames, etc. can be placed on the walls. However, these pieces should be placed at eye level, to create an illusion of a lower ceiling. Single frames will only get lost on the huge walls.
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Instead, place a group of paintings, mirrors or other decorative frames in a lovely design on the walls. If you decide to place potted plants, make sure the size of your plants matches the scale of the room.
Decorating rooms with high ceilings can prove to be quite a challenge. However, focusing on the color, texture, furniture, wall coverings, etc. one can overcome the challenge. Creating a stylish ambiance in high-ceilinged rooms will make the house more appealing and inviting.