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Decorating Ideas with Chalkboard Paint

Decorating Ideas with Chalkboard Paint
If you think that there are only certain ways in which you can decorate your house, you are in for a surprise. There are avenues still to be explored! Read on to acquaint yourself with various decorating ideas with chalkboard paint.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018
Chalkboard paint could be your answer to "dynamic walls". You can doodle on it and leave notes. You can select any color you like and give your walls a much "cooler" theme. Besides, it is very low maintenance! Here are 5 amazing ideas (more like The Famous Five ideas) you can implement. Who knows, one of these may even change your life!
Paint the Doors
You could paint all your doors with chalkboard paint. Important notes or just fun quotes can be left for the occupant of that room in their absence.
In fact, the room owner could leave notes for the other members of the house. Something like, "Keep out!" or "Don't even think about turning that knob!". And the best part of this is that you can change these whenever you want.
A Chalkboard in Every Room
You could paint a certain part of every room with chalkboard paint. The color could be in compatibility with the color and style of the rest of the room. This section of the wall can act as a reusable note pad. Further, keep it near the phone so that you can write important tasks for the day or messages that you need to be reminded of.
Walls as Giant Chalkboards
Chalkboard Paint on Wall
Another option would be to paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. Abstract chalk art can decorate this wall. What's more, you can change the picture or doodle on it whenever you feel like it. Many new artists springing up because of this. 
Besides, you have the option of erasing in case you make a mistake, so every drawing could be a masterpiece!
In Kids' Bedrooms
Little baby girl drawing on the wall
There is a possibility that you don't want the chalkboard paint in every room. Maybe just for the little one? Chalkboards have proved to be instrumental in a child's receptive abilities. 
Moreover, the child develops skills of expression in a unique way that develops his/her analytical and creative skills―all-round development at its best!
A Chalkboard on Your Laptop
You could paint the lid of your laptop with chalkboard paint too! There are people who are doing this already. Just the lid, not the screen or the keyboard. This way, you can keep your to-do list on your laptop lid itself. Multipurpose technology usage for a multitasking individual!
Now that you have such amazing ideas with you, certainly your creativity has also started churning the wheels of your imagination. Think about any other such brilliant painting ideas that can be useful.