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Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces
Just because you live in a small place, doesn't mean you can't have your dream interiors. There are many decorating ideas for small spaces that you can implement to make your house look beautiful, cozy, and inviting.
DecorDezine Staff
To make a house a home, you need to decorate it tastefully. Interior decoration is an art and it is more challenging to decorate a small space. Whether you live in a small apartment or a studio, there are many ways in which you can decorate a small space. By using the right interior paint colors and choosing the right furniture and storage solutions, you can make your small space a visually interesting one. There are many ideas for decorating small spaces and all you need is a good eye for design to make any small room appear larger and spacious.
The first thing that you have to do before you start decorating your home is to look at the basics. If you have dark-colored walls, then it is best to go for a fresh painting job by coloring in light pastel hues. Dark wall colors will only make the room appear dingy and small. Bright colors like sea green, light yellow and mint green will give the illusion of airy open spaces which is just what we are aiming for. Once the matter of wall colors are solved, you need to think of ways in which you can decorate each room to make it appear spacious and warm.
Living Room
A living room should always exude warmth and should have a welcoming air. Always remember that less is more. Minimalistic furniture is the right choice for small living rooms. A medium-sized modern couch with low coffee tables are just right for a small living room. The furniture design in the living room should be modern with straight clean lines without any use of heavy furnishings and prints. Choose sheer curtains and drapes in bright colors and steer clear of heavy brocade or velvet curtains. To make the living room appear spacious, do away with clutter. Too many knickknacks and artifacts as well as wall hangings are quite distracting and will make the room feel like a museum. One of the best decorating tips for small spaces like the living room, is to just add bright splashes of color in the form of vivid colored cushions and rugs.
A small bedroom can be made into a tranquil and cozy abode by choosing the right decorating ideas. The main element of the bedroom is the bed and a large king sized bed might not leave much room for anything else. Opt for a low queen sized bed which comes with a nice headboard. Do not place any other items of furniture in the bedroom other than a chest or tall boy. A nice carpet or deep rug in a single solid color is a must have for decorating small bedrooms. A large mirror hung on one of the walls will make the bedroom appear larger than it is. A monochromatic color scheme coupled with the use of large wall mirrors will make your small bedroom look like a designer's home. Again too many decorative items will make it appear cluttered, so hang just a single abstract painting on one of the walls for maximum impact.
Use the right wall paint colors, furniture and furnishings to make any small space appear larger. Accessories like lampshades, paintings, and mirrors should be used strategically to make the room look spacious.
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