A Lavish Collection of Decorating Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Illumination with lamps as decorating idea for master bedroom
The décor of the master bedroom in your house should represent you. It should offer you a feeling of comfort, rest and relaxation. Here are some great ideas you can use to decorate your master bedroom.
You always have something in mind when you think of your 'own' room and how you want it to be. When you finally get it, you don't know how to go about realizing all those thoughts in your head, because you want a little bit of everything. Now, people will tell you that a master bedroom should spell class, elegance, charm, and sheer magnificence.
What is your personality like?
Are you a vibrant person or do you think the lesser said the better? These aspects of your personality usually show up in the way you design the space you live in.
Have you seen something you like?
Make a note of these things, or if possible, keep a scrapbook of these things you like, and combine them when you decide to do up your master bedroom.

This isn't much, but these two aspects are usually enough to help you decide how you want to go about decorating your bedroom. This isn't much, but these two aspects are usually enough to help you decide how you want to go about decorating your bedroom.
Modern Decorating Style
Classic Modern Bedroom Style
Look how stark they are with their black and white colors, and how, in each room, that dash of color has livened up the entire room. Also, the wall murals and additional accessories such as the lamps, the chandeliers, the books, and that gorgeous white pot contribute to this look without taking away anything from it.
Rustic Decorating Style
Rustic Bedroom Style
It must be pointed out that this style, particularly with its beams and heaviness of structure should be avoided in smaller rooms. Again, it can be toned down by eliminating the beams and using lighter wooden colors in a smaller room, while you still remain true to the decorating style.
Traditional Decorating Style
Traditional Bedroom Style
Here we speak specifically of the British colonial style, and elements of the traditional style with a slightly modern twist, as depicted in the images above. Notice the rich gold color and the elaborate framework of the furniture.
ECLECTIC Decorating Style
ECLECTIC Decorating Style
A traditional style bed with a contemporary bedspread or wallpaper behind the bed, with some modern art above it, or Chinese lanterns - all of these can be beautifully combined to define your style. Because it is so easy to combine styles with this one, most people tend to choose this decorating style for their houses and rooms..
Enhance Your Bedroom With...
Bed with chandelier
Bed With Chandelier
Agreed that every master bedroom may not have space for a chandelier, but for one that does, a chandelier works wonders to add to the décor of the room. Pick a style as per the overall decoration of your room, and you won't be disappointed.
Double bed with oversized wooden headboard
Bed With Wooden Headboard
Headboards are usually part of a bed, so the idea is to choose a bed with a dynamic headboard. When you do so, you automatically reduce the amount of work decorating your room requires. When chosen wisely, a headboard can add a lot of character to a room. Even if you can't afford to buy a new bed, you can make one as a separate entity and put your bed against it.
Candles in bedroom
Candles in bed room
If you don't want lamps at all, how about getting candle stands of different heights and lighting up candles of various fragrances? Adds to the romantic mood too!
Curtains in bedroom
Curtains in bedroom
Behind your bed, you may use any type of curtain you like, but if you are using curtains around a four poster, sheer or light curtains would be appropriate. Here, you could even use string curtains of different colors to add the right amount of color to your room! Create a focal point by using the right types of curtains in the right places.
Mirrors in bedroom
Mirrors in bedroom
Tall mirrors can be placed on the floor, and smaller ones can be mounted on walls in multiples to create a focal point. Mirrors with distressed wooden frames, with stained glass work, with vintage wrought iron frames, or ultra modern mirrors with etching can make it into your bedroom.
Pillows, rugs, two chairs, and a small coffee table
Rugs Chairs and Coffee tables in bedroom
Use rugs as a base on which you can set up a cozy seating arrangement, such as two chairs and a small coffee table, or with a few cushions and pillows thrown on them. In such cases, rugs end up being much more useful than they appear. Try them out and you will know how!
Painting or mural hanging in bed room
Painting or mural hanging in bed room
No wall in any house is complete without some artwork or accessories on it, and the master bedroom is no exception. While picture frames of the family are most commonly found in every master bedroom.
Wall decales in bedroom
Wall Decales in Bedroom
You can put up decals and even murals, and your room will get a major transformation from the mundane.
Plants, pots and vases, and wind chimes or wall hangings
Plants in Bedroom
With all these ideas, you are definitely more than equipped to revamp your master bedroom! Add in other elements like plants, pots and vases, and wind chimes or wall hangings, and there is no way you cannot transform your room into the little haven you want it to be!