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Decorating Ideas for a Toddler's Bedroom

Bidisha Mukherjee Dec 15, 2018
A toddler's bedroom should be decorated very carefully and artistically. Here, we have shared some interesting decoration tips and ideas.
Decorating a toddler's bedroom is a challenging task. First of all, you have to set a budget to implement the bedroom design, and strictly stick to it.
The biggest mistake most parents often do is that they try to decorate the room a bit here and there, which fails to give the room an impressive look. To avoid that, you have to do proper planning beforehand. Keep the ideas simple which are easy to implement.
A general theme is recommended for a toddler's bedroom as your child will outgrow a particular theme after a few years, and you have to remodel it all over again. Let's see the important aspects that you should consider while decorating the room.

Wall Decoration

Traditionally, pink is used for a girl's bedroom and blue is for a boy's bedroom. There are many neutral colors that can be used for both. Whatever be the color of the paint, ensure the paint that is used is washable, as your toddler is bound to make the walls dirty quite often. 
You can create designs like stripes and dots of various sizes on the walls. Creating a mural is an excellent way to accent the bedroom wall.
Pictures of wild animals, jungle, race cars, sports items, etc., are mostly liked by boys. For a girl's bedroom, you can create images of a princess, soft toys, a small puppy, etc. 
First, create the outline with stencils and then fill it with bright colors. Sponge painting is another method that can be used to enhance the visual appeal of the wall. For this you will require two paint colors, one as the base color and the other one is for sponged color. Use various types of sponges to create a unique effect on the walls.


Keep the number of furniture items inside the room minimum so that the child can get enough free space to move around. The most important piece of furniture is the bed.
Select a toddler bed and not any twin bed for this purpose. This is because a toddler bed is much smaller in size, and the child will feel more comfortable and secure in this. Most toddlers tend to move all over the bed while sleeping. Therefore, make sure that you secure the bed with high rails to prevent any fall.
Other kids' furniture kept for the room are a sofa, armchair, and a desk. Make sure that these items are short and are more or less of the same height. However, they should not be so small that they cannot be used after a year.


For a softer feel to the room, use lots of fabrics all over the room. Include small accessories like throw pillows, rugs, baby blankets, and curtains. The colors of these fabrics should be well coordinated with the color schemes of the walls.
The bed has to be dressed up with proper bedding. Large- and medium-sized prints on the bedding is liked by most kids. However, it will be better if you let them choose the bedding. You should keep 2 - 3 different sets of baby bedding of their choice ready with you, as their minds and interests changes from time to time.
Proper storage is also very important as it will help to keep the room neat and clean. You can use decorated storage containers or you can buy furniture with storage facilities.
While applying these decoration ideas, the topmost priority should be given to the safety of the child. Bedroom furniture should not have sharp edges that can hurt your child. Arrange the furniture in such a way that they are secured against the wall. Also, none of them should be kept near the windows. 
Electrical bulbs and cords should be placed in such a way that they remain out of their reach. Electrical outlets of the room should also be properly safeguarded.