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Cutting Granite Countertops

Cutting of Granite Countertops: An Explanation of How it is Done

Are you thinking of installing a granite countertop yourself? This article will give you a step by step guide on cutting granite countertops neatly and efficiently.
Amruta Deshpande
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Granite has become the most preferable material for building countertops, considered by homeowners at the time of kitchen remodeling. This is because it offers the dual benefit, of being durable as well as attractive. Although they are quite expensive, their popularity is increasing everyday.
Installing granite countertops is quite a difficult job, and it is best to get it done by a professional. However, homeowners can do this, if they have the appropriate tools and basic knowledge about the process. It involves a lot of things, like buying the right piece of granite, measuring it accurately, installing it in place, etc. However, the major part in installing it is cutting the granite into proper shape and size. This may also be required if you intend to change your kitchen arrangement, or to make place for certain kitchen appliances.
Cutting granite countertops can be a challenging task. Since the material is hard and tough, it can be a tedious process without the appropriate tools. However, right equipment and the following instructions can make it quite simple.
Things Required
  • Granite slab
  • Granite router
  • Diamond saw blade
  • Laser sided saw
  • Water-jet saw
  • Small handheld grinder
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety Mask
Step 1: The first step involves preparing a template of the kitchen countertop. The template will help you figure out the exact locations where the cuts are to be made. You could do this by using pieces of plywood. Place them along the edges of the existing countertop and attach them in the desired way, with the help of glue.
Step 2: Jot down all the places you need to make the cuts. You may also need to make some holes for the nozzles. Make sure to mark the exact locations along with the right dimensions.
Step 3: Now, place your template on the granite slab. Trace out the outline of the template onto the slab with the help of chalk. This will you help you in making perfect cuts. Make sure you have the right measurements!
Step 4: Now with the help of a diamond saw, cut larger sections of the slab. This type of saw reduces the vibrations so that you can easily cut through the slab. For the intricate details, use a laser saw or water-jet saw. You can shape the edges with the help of the router.
Step 5: You could also make use of a small handheld grinder in order to smooth out the cuts. Simply run it on the cuts that you have made with the saws, till they even out.
Step 6: Once all the cuts are in shape and evened out, clean the whole surface properly. Polish the areas carefully once you are done.
Easy, wasn't it! Once you are done with the cutting, you can fasten the counters using a good quality two part epoxy adhesive. Mix pigments in the adhesives to match the color of your countertop.