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Simply Spellbinding Custom Steam Showers to Suit Your Needs

Mamta Mule Apr 14, 2019
With custom steam shower enclosures offered by various manufacturers and stores, you can enjoy a steam bath and soothing shower in a unit that is simply designed according to your taste!
Steam showers are becoming popular and they are no longer restricted to gymnasiums, spas, and hotels. You will find many individuals planning to add these showers to their homes.
Steam shower units are not only among the luxurious add-ons to your interiors, but they also are one of the best relaxing solutions. Who won't love to have this unit right inside their homes, so that they can use it whenever desired?
While there are a number of sanitary ware stores selling models of various brands units and online dealers offering huge varieties in these, one might prefer to opt for a customized steam shower. Well, custom steam showers are units that are made to suit your requirements.
Those who wish to go beyond the standard showers and have designs and features of their choice added to the unit can opt for customized pieces. Here's more about getting a steam shower customized to fulfill your requirements.

Custom Steam Shower Fixtures

Custom steam showers need not mean getting an entire unit assembled to suit your requirements. Often you pick a basic unit and add, reduce or change the fixtures or design of some elements. You can opt for the simplest of changes or even ask for major changes or additions.
Once you have chosen the size and shape of the steam unit, consider the fixtures which you want to add to the steam shower. You might want to change the placement of the shower panel according to the plumbing of your bathroom. A completely customized shower panel includes a handheld shower head, shower nozzle, shower head knobs, and other fixtures.
Change the shower head according to your requirements. You can also add an LCD panel for steam settings if it is not supplied in the unit you have chosen. Further you can add a music system and light fixtures as well. Installing multiple massage jets not only on the primary wall but on three walls is also possible to have a wonderful shower experience.

Custom Steam Shower Designs

Additional rods or a wall cabinet can be added in the steam shower cabinet. Having a bench inside a steam shower is also essential so that you can sit relaxed while enjoying the steam.
You can not only add one, but also ask to add it in desired size, shape, and material. Having padded seats and further making them luxurious with a back rest is also a great idea. The layout of these elements can be decided as per your convenience.
A wall tray, wall cabinet, shelves, and rods can all be installed in the custom steam showers. While you work on this layout, ensure that the placement of the LCD screen, music system, and shower panel does not clash with these.
Custom steam shower doors that are made to match your taste are definitely going to give the right finishing touch to the unit.
Go for a single door in sliding styles if you're searching for a space saver option. Glass door, frosted glass or clear glass with frosted prints offers a great option.
There are a number of manufacturers, sanitary ware stores, and online sellers who offer you the option of having customized steam shower units. As you invest a huge amount of money, getting them designed according to your needs is definitely a smart idea.
You can be a smart shopper by doing a good product research and reading a few reviews as well. While you opt for custom showers, you will be able to make arrangements for adding extra fixtures later on. This is a good idea especially when a few fixtures are not fitting in your budget and you plan to add them after some days.