Custom Shower Curtains

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 14, 2018
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Shower curtains are a great way to dress up any shower stall. Personalized curtains are functional and also add a touch of creativity to your bathroom. Let's see how to make your own custom shower curtains.
Shower curtains are a great way to change up the interiors of your bathroom. Pleasant colors and beautiful patterns of curtains can indeed make your time in the bathroom a pleasurable experience.
Moreover, these curtains also fulfill their main objective: imparting privacy to the shower area. Mostly, they come in a standard size of 72x72".
However, if the dimensions of your shower stall are not standard, you might have to alter the ready-made curtains. Yet, the best solution would be to make your own custom curtains.

Designs and Patterns

If you do not wish to go for the standard curtains, then curtain manufacturers can make custom ones for you. You will have to explain your specifications and preferences, so that the curtains can be made accordingly.
Select your favorite pattern from the catalog available at the store or website. Choose a work of a modern artist or you may go for a more comical theme. Vinyl curtains are durable and easy to maintain, whereas the fabric curtains allow more variety in designs, patterns, and colors.
Your shower curtains can also be made to match the drapes, bathtubs, pedestal sinks, and other bathroom vanities. You can use your own creativity to give a personalized touch to your curtains.

How to Make Them

Making a personalized shower curtain is an easy project for enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers. All you need is a clean and plain shower curtain in either vinyl, plastic, or fabric. And, you will need acrylic paint, a pencil, and your favorite monogram or logo.
Firstly, get the monogram or logo blown up to a poster size. This can be accomplished at a copy shop without spending much money. Lay the curtain over the monogram poster and trace the outline of the letters or logo using a pencil. You might need a marker for tracing on the vinyl or fabric.
Once, you are ready with the outline, fill in the letters with acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry completely and leave it overnight before hanging it in your bathroom. This way, you can personalize your curtain by painting your initials or the logo of your favorite sports team. Use your creativity to come up with your own ideas.
Using a similar technique, create a self-portrait on your curtain. Take a family photograph, or any photograph for that matter, and get it blown up to a poster size. Lay the curtain on the photo and trace only the outlines of the prominent features such as the eyes, jawline, etc. Paint your photo with appropriate colors to make your own portrait.
Alternatively, you may only trace an outline of your portrait with the help of a black marker on a clear white curtain. A self portrait is the ultimate way of personalizing your shower curtain. You can also consider painting your dog's portrait on your curtain.
Thus, personalized shower curtains can offer you an unlimited scope for experimenting your creativity and coming up with your own ideas for designs. However, do not attempt to create complicated designs unless you are very good at it.
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