Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors That'll Add Appeal to Your Home

Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors
Fixing curtains for sliding glass doors is a good idea to enhance their beauty and add a privacy element.
Sliding glass doors offer a great alternative to the regular ones. With frames which come in various materials like wood, metal, aluminum with anodized or powder coating, glass sliding doors look extremely classy. They don't block the view or light, and make rooms appear much larger. No matter whether sliding doors are installed between two rooms or at the entrance for patios or porch, they add ultimate character to your house. Installing curtains is the best window treatment for sliding glass door. Curtains for sliding glass doors come in number of varieties and designs.
Options in Curtains for Glass Sliding Doors
Curtain Basics
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Sliding glass doors definitely call for full length curtains. Well, an idea is to add floor to ceiling curtains that can make your room appear taller. You can have two or three sections of curtains depending upon the width of the door. Having the curtain rod to extend outside the door is a good idea to have a clean look when curtains are kept gathered at the ends. This will ensure that, most part of the curtains stays on the side walls, not blocking the sliding doors, when kept gathered.
Rich Fabrics
rich fabrics
Double curtains are a smart choice for wide sliding doors. Choose a simple plain fabric or a beautiful printed curtain fabric. Soft colors or vibrant shades, it's all about your choice while picking the colors. Large prints look best for curtains for sliding glass doors that cover a wider area. Opt for pleated curtains or the regular ones.
Right Combos
right combos
Double curtains are a big hit while dressing up sliding glass doors. Pair white sheers with plain opaque curtains or colored sheers with dark-colored opaque curtains. Make sure that you coordinate the color of sheers and curtains in this case. You can also grab printed drapes and pair them with plain sheers of the same shade. Another idea is to have printed or plain drapes added on plain fabric roman blinds. Roman blinds for sliding glass doors in textured fabric look extremely attractive.
Curtain Decor
curtain decor
Add valence to the curtains to spice up their appearance. An amazing valance idea is to have the designer valances in attractive color and shiny fabric added to highlight the entire door which is graced with plain curtains. Rich tie back ropes used to hold the curtains in place when gathered make another essential curtain decor. There are a number of options available in tie back ropes. You can also use strip of lace fabric, stain fabric or the same fabric of curtains to hold them in place.
If you are wondering how to measure curtains for sliding glass doors, let me tell that calling a professional is the best option. Also, get the curtain rods fixed from a professional to ensure that the walls are not damaged. Curtains for sliding doors can revamp the look of that plain glass. So, ready to spice up the doors?
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