How to Choose Curtains for French Doors

French doors have a style statement of their own and so do their curtains. Read on to know everything about curtains for French doors.
Palmira S Dec 3, 2018
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A French door or a French window, is made up of window panes and glass panels. Each pane is separated by a wooden frame. These panes are large, rectangular. Curtains are made to allow a lot of sunlight inside the room. It is used as a room divider.
Many people opt for French doors as of their esthetic look, which changes the appearance of the room to a large extent. Being a major attraction, it is also a good investment. Though, it makes for partitions within a room, it still delivers receptivity to the room.

Choosing Curtains

The curtains change the overall look of the room. They are available in different designs, styles and materials. If you are buying window blinds, ensure that the style of the curtain matches the blinds. Color and texture of the curtains are also important. Decorate the door by choosing the panel. For a clean look, attach the panel with top and bottom rods.
While choosing a curtain, make sure that it suits the look of the room and also the purpose for which it is bought. They should accentuate rather than mar the look of the room. While choosing the fabric, one aspect that should be thought of is, the ease with which it can be cleaned.
The fabric should be easy to clean at home, on the gentle cycle of your washing machine and also when rinsed out in the sink. This will save you the effort and money required for getting it dry cleaned.
There are various patterns, variety, colors and sizes made available for you. If at all, you do not find a suitable one for your window, you can get it stitched. First, do the measurements required in order fit the curtains.
  • With the help of a yardstick, draw a line across the top, bottom and sides of the area you want to cover. This forms the window, measure this across the top, bottom and sides. After measuring, note down the largest measurement.
  • The next step is to measure the entire surface area covered by the window. Make a note of the side of the window with the longest measurement.
  • The largest of the sides and the one noted down previously, will form the actual size of the window.
Now let's move on to 'stitching of the curtains'. You need to first purchase a fabric measuring a little more than this size to allow room for error while sewing.
  • A hem of 5/8 inch needs to be sewed on both the sides of the curtain.
  • Mark a hem of 1 inch on the top and bottom of the curtain. Both ends of the curtain should have a pocket.
  • Attach the cafe rods on the lines marking the top and bottom of the curtain. These rods should be as close as possible to the door.
  • Remove the rods from the mounting brackets, and slide them through the top and bottom hem pockets of the curtain. Replace it in the brackets and then adjust the gathers at the top and bottom, which will complete the procedure.
Use this information for choosing curtains for French doors. You can also use drapes and roll up blinds to give it that extraordinary look and feel. Make sure you select the design according to the color and design of the door. If the curtains perfectly match the outlook of the room, it will add to the homeliness of the house in general.
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