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Ideas for Curtains and Drapes

Ideas for Curtains and Drapes
Curtains and drapes add a flourish to any bare window. Read this information for some ideas on what kind of curtains and drapes you can use in different rooms of your home.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2019
Imagine a house with a beautifully engraved ceiling. A huge hallway, and big rooms. A back door that opens into a sprawling lawn, that is punctuated with brilliantly vibrant wild flowers. The sun's rays come into the house from all directions, unfiltered and pure. But then the house turns really warm.
So warm in fact, that it becomes impossible to stay in the room for long. What's the perfect solution to this? Curtains and drapes of course! Any form of interior decorating is incomplete without some gorgeous drapery ideas to add that bit of elegance to your windows, and even doors, at times.
So, if you're considering home decorating soon, you must check out the ideas for curtains and drapes given here, for the different parts of your home.
Living Room
Designed sofa and chair
When it comes to living room decorating, it's all about impressions. The living room is the first impression that any person is going to have of your house. And if you have some boring drapes, then there's no real point of decorating it with the latest furniture.
So let's see what you can do to spiffy up your living room. If your window let's in a lot of sunlight, then going for a dark color makes sense. It will keep the sun's rays away, and by reflecting the light, it will also keep the room cooler.
You can select some good printed and heavy fabric for the curtains and drapes in your living room, for the windows. For a passage from the living room into the kitchen or the next room, you can have some pretty beaded curtains. They look great, and have a mysterious look too!
Kitchen interior with curtains
If you're looking for some window treatments in your kitchen, you can try some kitchen curtain ideas. Since your kitchen windows are relatively smaller than the other rooms, you'll have to opt for a smaller length.
Don't go in for dark colors in the kitchen, it gives a very dull effect. Keep the colors bright and sunny. Go in for floral or summery prints. Avoid pastels too. Take colors like orange, bright red, a pleasant green, sea blue and others in the same color palette. Those were the window curtain ideas for your kitchen.
For the transition from the kitchen into the living room or a passage, you can use the same curtains, only much longer in length. Or you can just have strings with small trinkets like charms, bells, etc. tied on them. Oriental and Indian curtains with small animal figurines also look exceptionally pretty within rooms.
Bright colorful bedroom interior
Bedroom decorating is always taken quite seriously. You spend most of your time at home here, so it's obvious that you want it to look nice. Here are some curtain ideas for bedrooms. Bedroom curtains and drapes can be modified as per your taste and your personality.
If you want the drapes for the windows of your bedroom to look classy and sophisticated, go in for a richly embroidered fabric. Here you can go in for pastel shades of your like, but just add a dash of shimmer with gold or silver threads, here and there. You can also go in for an entire theme for your bedroom, and match the curtains and drapes to it.
If your room is a shade of baby pink, go in for a bright red for the curtains. Or, paint the wall which has the window (only) in a dark color, like dark chocolate, or black, and have a pristine white silk curtain, with beautiful self embroidery on it. Or a cream and dark chocolate/black combination will also look great!
Try out the curtains and drapes ideas that are mentioned here to give your home a striking and stylish look. And watch the others go green with envy!