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Curtains and Drapes for Bay Windows

Pragya T Mar 5, 2019
Want to make your bay window space look regal? Then consider some rich looking curtains and drapes for bay windows...
Bay windows in a room make a beautiful focal point. They can be decorated beautifully in many ways. One can keep the window treatment light with some light organdy curtains or make it look really rich with some swag valances. It all depends upon the homeowner. However, certain things should be kept in mind when selecting a window covering for bay windows.
First and foremost to consider is the home decor. Always, choose the colors for curtains or drapes for bay windows, such that they go with the present home d├ęcor. Also, if you like, you can have fabric material for the bay window that allows some light to pass.
Light curtains are good if you want some natural light to pass, or select rich velvety draperies if you don't want any light to pass. Also if the bay window is in a high traffic room like kitchen or the living room, then consider the fabric which is easy to clean.

Bay Window Curtain & Drapery Ideas

Versatile Tap Top Curtains

If you want simple yet versatile bay window treatment then go for tab top curtains. These are very easy to put curtains as they have a tab at top in which you slide over the curtain rod. The curtain rod can be seen through the spaces of the tabs. They look very casual. Use a neutral shade like gray or beige so that it goes with the rest of the decor.

Light Sheers Curtains

For a breezy looking window covering consider using sheer curtains. They are translucent fabrics which are very light and come in various colors. Though, white looks the best. You can buy plain sheers or buy sheers which have some lace work at the ends. Sheers can be placed alone on the bay window rods or you can accompany them with swag valance.

Swags, Cascades and Sheers

You can combine swags, cascades and sheers together to create a rich and traditional looking bay window treatment. Silk is a popular material used to create swags. So, first place the sheers and then install swags and cascades for a classic look.

Cafe Curtains

These curtains are especially popular for kitchen space. They are a great way to add color and some privacy. You can select some bright color stripped pattern cafe curtains. These curtains are placed inside of the window frame through the midsection of the window, then on top a valance can be added of the same fabric.

French Pleat Drapes

French pleat curtains look beautiful and have at triple pleat section which are pinched together at the bottom so that they spread out at the top area. These curtains for bay windows look beautiful when a shiny rich fabric is used. Keep them touching the floor for a romantic look.

Tie-Back Curtains

These are easy to use and install curtains. You can use luxe curtains or any other unique looking patterned fabric to create tie-back curtains. These window covering are easy to use and look beautiful and rich when done properly.
You can also consider window blinds and shades as bay window coverings if you like. There are various types of blinds and shades from which you can choose.
These were the various types and ideas on bay window coverings. Whenever, buying the curtains or drapes for your bay window, make sure you select the appropriate rod too. Certain type of window covering need specific curtain rods, so make sure you buy the right one.