Curtain Ideas for Small Windows

Aastha Dogra Jan 5, 2019
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Small windows can be draped as beautifully as a regular sized window, provided you have some innovative curtain ideas up your sleeve. Read on...
If you have shifted to a new house and it has some very small windows, it can be quite a challenge finding appropriate curtains to cover them with. As it is the curtains which lend a kind of a character to the windows, making them look appealing and attractive, is very important.
When it come to small windows, always look for curtains which are simple and functional. If you choose some very heavy and decorative curtains, they will look very overwhelming and may seem out of place too. Steer clear of loud designs too, as they can make the window appear smaller than it actually is.
The given ideas for small windows will further help you out in choosing the right drapes, which will give it the perfect shape and look.

Choosing Patterns and Materials...

When choosing curtain for small windows, always go in for vertical patterns. Vertical patterns will lend length to your windows. Opt for the sheers, as they help the light pass through and enter the room, much more than any other cloth.
To further add on to the length of the windows, let the sheer curtains fall, almost to the floor (just about two inches above so that they do not get dirty and you end up washing them again and again!) This will give the illusion that your windows stretch to the floors, thus making them appear much taller than they actually are!
One drawback of hanging sheer curtains is that they do not offer privacy. So, get a two layered curtain for your window. Above the sheers, have some colored curtains installed. Tie them back with sashes in the mornings and leave only the sheers on, to allow the sunlight. During the night, leave the colored curtains on, to maintain your privacy!

Adding Length and Width...

If the window is wide but its length is short, to add an illusion of length to it, place your curtain rod, just below the ceiling, instead of immediately where the window starts from, as is done with regular sized windows. When you hang curtains on the rod, it will seem as if the window starts from below the ceiling, thus adding a few inches to its height!
If the window has a sill underneath it, then obviously, you can not hang the curtain till the floor, as it will hide its architectural beauty. In such a case, one of the useful curtain solutions is to place the rod just below the ceiling and hang a valance from it, that reaches to the top of the window.
From there, hang curtains of your choice, which end at the sill. This two layered look, will lend its own charm to the interiors of your room and no one will even notice the short length of your window!
For windows which are narrow in width, extending the rod about three to five inches, on either side, and then hanging the curtains on them, will lend an illusion of width, thus making the windows appear much broader than they are!
To make the windows look a bit more wider and interesting, a good idea is to hang sheers in the middle and colored, slightly thick curtains on the sides. This way, you will get a twin colored look for your windows, plus the sheers will offer the much-needed light in the room and the colored curtains, the privacy that you need!

Some Unique Ideas...

Make your window look arty, by hanging an embroidered cloth over it as a curtain. You can make use of any cloth piece which has some unique designs on it, for this purpose! Or hang roman shades, which match with your room decor, as they will conceal the window completely and thus, none of your guests would be able to make out its short length!
It's not just the curtains, you can play around with the curtain rings and the finials and draw attention away from the length and width of your window. So, get some artistic finials as well as large rings to hang your curtains on, cause this way, people would be more drawn to look at them, rather than the size or shape of your window!
As you can see, there are so many innovative curtain ideas for small windows that you can utilize, to make them look stunning. Choose any of these or come up with a few of your own, to transform your small windows into decorative and creative focal points of your room!
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