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What are Crown Moldings?

What are Crown Moldings?
Crown moldings are popularly used for home decoration and are also traditional forms of beautifying the exterior and interior walls of an architectural structure. These are some interesting and useful information about crown moldings. Take a look!
Mubasherin Sayed
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2019
From an architectural perspective, moldings are decorative strips made of solid wood, plastic, plaster, polyurethane, fiberboard, or other synthetic materials that are used to hide or cover surface imperfections, fill up the gaps between walls and the ceiling/flooring, or simply as a means of decoration.
Using decorative moldings in rooms can transform its appeal, thus making them look more grand and unique. These big horizontal strips, originating from the ancient architectures of Rome and Greece, are used at the joints of walls and ceiling/flooring, door or window frames, or even where a pillar meets the ceiling. 
crown molding style
Traditionally, they were also used to decorate cabinets and other furniture items. Crown moldings aren't very expensive and can be used to enhance the aesthetics of a room or an apartment in a very cost-effective manner. Let's take a look at some information about crown molds, and installation tips.
The material you choose for crown molding will directly affect its look and durability. The installation procedure also plays an important role. It's always better to choose moldings made of good quality materials even though they may be relatively expensive. The best material is plaster; it is durable and gives the molding a smooth and delicate look. 
However, installing plaster moldings may not be a DIY job and would require the skills of a professional. Other materials such as fiberboard or polyurethane are moderately priced, but do not provide the expected finish and quality.
Moldings made from these materials can be installed easily, and don't necessarily require a professional. However, a DIY would require certain tools like a miter saw, coping saw, caulk gun, nails, and the like.
electric saw miter
Miter Saw
Coping Saw Side
Coping Saw
Caulk gun tool
Caulk Gun
Design Options
Several design options exist; one can choose from a wide variety of classic/historical designs or modern designs. Historic designs like the Georgian molds look very elegant and appealing, and add a touch of antiquity to the home decor. Other classic designs include, egg and darts, rose and rope vines, embossed wreaths, dentil details, and acanthus leaves.
Curved molding style
If you're interested in modern and sophisticated designs, you can choose from full-line moldings, simple curves, coves, rails, etc.
Ceiling and molding with ornament
Some recent designs even include illuminated moldings, which add a diffusing effect to the room. Alternatively, you could also create a custom design and craft it using plaster to suit your design needs.
Installation Tips
  • When installing crown moldings yourself, measure the total area which would be covered by the molds.
  • Try to understand the way in which two molds connect. This would be useful when dealing with corners.
measuring crown molding
  • Take precise measurements with a measuring tape, and work sectionwise.
  • Always cut moldings at an angle, and check the fitting before fixing them permanently.
  • Cover visible gaps with a caulk gun.
So, go ahead, choose a mold of your liking and begin crown molding your home interiors.