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Extremely Creative Ways to Use Tree Stumps to Decorate Your House

Creative Ways to Use Tree Stumps To Decorate Your House
One of the most appealing ideas to use tree stumps creatively is to cut thin slices and place attractive floral arrangements on them. You may even paint or decorate the stump; however, it is best to leave it as is, to achieve an authentic and rustic look.
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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019
Types of tree stumps
Tree stumps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. While a cross-section is generally symmetric, choose one that includes the bottom of the trunk and place it in your yard. Similarly, you can chop logs for wood slices as well as carve them through the middle to create decorative hollow stumps.
Bird bath with tree stumps
Scrape and clean an old tree stump and paint it white. On top, place a dish of water, and convert a simple stump into a regal bird bath.
Fire pit with tree stump
Use a hollowed tree trunk to create an exclusive fire pit for camps, barbecues, and bonfire parties.
Scary faces carves on tree stumps
This idea can require wood carving skills, so take professional help if required. Use different tools and create spooky faces from or on the wood stump! You may also paint them and adorn your garden.
Flower pots on tree stumps
Place pots on the extended branches of an old tree stump. Plant attractive blooms into the pots and watch the garden transform into a riot of color.
Cozy seats with old-world charm using tree stumps
Place wooden planks on a tree stump to create tables and seats. You have the most serene backyard seating arrangement ever!
Brightly-colored tree stumps
Paint stumps in bright colors and use them as seats.
Planters on tree stumps
Plant small shrubs or blooms in the tree stump. Your garden is definitely going to be the talk of your neighborhood!
Simple seats using tree stumps
Check out the various ways in which you can creatively transform your wooden logs into objects of utility!
Swing balanced on tree stumps
A simple and unique way of using wood stumps to create a lovely swing for your garden.
Coasters and trays using tree stumps
Cut thin slices from a larger log, clean them thoroughly, and use them as individual coasters. Likewise, saw off slightly larger cross-sections of the wood stump and use them as serving trays.
Bird house on tree stump
Place a miniature wooden bird feeder on one of the tree stumps and watch your garden turn into a paradise for the birds!
Tree stump vase
Hollow out a small section of the wood stump. Pass a long flowering stem through it and create a unique flower arrangement.
Tree stump serving table
One of the most common tree stump uses involves creating a table. Smoothen the stump and use it as a rustic serving table.
Mary Villa. Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Stump nameplates.
Another creative yet simple use is to make nameplates or writing boards out of the wood stumps. Clean the stumps and use them as menu cards, to-do-lists, nameplates, etc.
Tree stump lighting decoration
Place LED strips or glowing electric lights within a hollow wood stump. You can use embossed, transparent sealants to cover the exposed areas.
Frames with stumps
Arrange wood slices or logs in attractive patterns or designs, click pics of these patterns and frame them on your living room wall.
Stump candle stands
Use tree stumps as decorative candle stands or holders. You can also place the candle within a small depression created in the stump.
Chopping boards with tree stumps
Clean and smoothen a tree cross-section and use it as a rustic chopping board.
Stumps as stands
Use them as decorative item stands or holders that can support flower vases, willow baskets, lamps, etc.
Stump designer pieces
You can smoothen the wood stump and paint it in royal colors, like gold, silver, cobalt blue, etc. It can then be displayed as is, adding to the surrounding decor.
Stump table for outdoor dining
Create a set of tables of varying heights, entirely out of wood stumps, which can then be creatively placed in different areas of your backyard.
Tree stump vases
You can hollow out miniature tree stumps partially and use them as attractive vases for your garden blooms.
Stools, cabinets, seats, and chairs using tree stumps
Check out these unique creations! The chair and stools are simple yet quite nifty! Note that to create some of these pieces of decor, you may require professional help.