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Dejunk Your Bedroom With These Marvelously Creative Storage Ideas

Creative Storage Ideas for Bedrooms
A bedroom is the most personal space in your house - and hence, you are solely responsible to keep it organized! Find out here about creative bedroom storage ideas that will help free up cluttered space in your sanctum.
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Jan 9, 2019
Bedrooms are the most personal spaces in our respective houses. It is the one place in the entire house which is completely your own. You can decorate it the way you want, choose the furniture style you want, have curtains, drapes or blinds, have a kingly royal bed or a funky bunk bed.
But just as you are responsible to furnish and beautify your bedroom, you are also responsible for the mess that is created in your bedroom! We always keep buying things we need, and things we want (more the latter than the former actually...!). But when we decorate our rooms, we seldom think of where all that stuff is going to go!
Your architect and your interior designer can only give you ideas about what to do in your room so that you can properly keep all your stuff. But they would think from the book.
Aren't you a better person to judge how many things you have, which ones you need the most, or on a daily basis, which ones you need only for a couple of months every year, and which ones you don't need at all unless you have guests visiting you?
You - and you alone - would know the use of the things that are in your room, and hence, you would be the best person to come up with storage ideas for your bedroom!
Storage Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of!
Presented below are a few very simple and effective bedroom storage ideas that you probably never thought of. Hope you find them useful too!
Under the Bed
Double bed with drawer
This is probably the most common thing everyone thinks of when they think 'bedroom storage'. But what goes wrong with this idea is what we use the under-the-bed drawers for.
The best thing to go under the bed would be extra linen, blankets, pillows, bed sheets and pillow covers, curtain sets, drapes, rugs, carpets and things like that. These are not things you need on a daily basis, so it wouldn't be a problem if they went into a less accessible place in the bedroom.
When you are going to have guests come over to stay at your place, you can easily just pull the drawer out and arrange for their bedding. Similarly you do not change the curtains or drapes in your room everyday, so this can go under the bed too.
However, if you change them regularly - like weekly, or every fortnight - then you can group your curtain and drapes sets into two and keep one of the group in a cupboard. This group can be exchanged for the one under the bed once a month. Simple enough, isn't it?
Bay Window Seat
Bay window seat
There are many bay window seat plans that you can choose from depending on the styling of the rest of your bedroom.
There are many bay window seat plans that you can choose from depending on the styling of the rest of your bedroom. But one common tip is to have a storage built in the bay window seat. You can either have a drawer under your bay window seat that you can pull out, or you can have a lift-up seat. A number of things can go into this.
You can use it to store extra footwear. It stays clean and moisture free. If you are not much of a footwear person, how about storing a set of curtains? You can even keep old books in it. Finally, the things that go to decorate your bay window itself - like lace curtains, cushions, etc., can go under the bay window seat.
Cupboard for Accessories
(All you girls out there are going to love this one!) Almost every girl has a fetish for some sort of accessory. Some like to collect scarves, some like to use all kinds of belts, some love footwear, while some  have a thing for bags! You see one of these in a shop, and it almost calls out to you - "Take me home with you, PLEASE!".
Problem is, you get it home, and you don't know where to put it! How about have an entire cupboard dedicated to hold all your accessories? You can have hooks inside the cupboard to hang your bags from. You can have horizontal boards nailed in to keep your footwear lined up neatly. You can have a rod fixed on the upper side to tie your scarves and stoles to.
A similar, smaller detachable rod can hold your bangles and anklets. On the insides on the door, you can fix a metal sheet with holes to hold all your ear-rings. (Imagine finding the pair of your favorite one under 5 seconds - isn't that great?!).
Your make-up stuff can go in here as well, but I am guessing you would rather have it on the dressing table, because that is where the mirror is. But how about if you fixed a mirror on the inside of the other door? Think about it!
Revamp the Attic
Pool table game room
When we think 'attic' all we can think of is a dusty place full of cobwebs and forgotten things. Revamp your attic and make it your most favorite place in your room! If you are an artist, the attic could become your personal studio.
If you are a voracious reader, the attic could be transformed into a library! If oxygen spells m-u-s-i-c for you, the attic could become your very own jamming station (Mom will bless you to limit the noise to the attic!). You can have a pool table, a Foosball table, a carom board, or your play-station set up in the attic.
This way you have a dedicated place right in your room to store all things related to your hobbies. A hobby is also like a very personal thing. When you are engaged in your hobby, you are in a world of your own... so why not physically create that world in your room?
Depending on what you want to turn your attic into, you can have tables, chairs, cupboards, shelves built to go into the attic, and you can get your stuff like books, paintings, etc., to go into suitable places.
Organize Your Stuff
We have discussed major furniture ideas to store different things in your bedroom up to this point. Here are some tips to organize your things within these furniture items.
Garment Storage Bag
Use these to store linen and drapery. It will preserve the texture and will keep them clean and free of bedbugs. You can even store your expensive dresses, coats and blazers in them. Creative closet storage ideas can free up a lot of space.
Old Shoe Boxes
Colorful boxes
Use these on your study table, or the bed-side table. All the little things that lie around and clutter table can go into one box and free up work-space.
Make sure to cover the shoe box with decorative paper though - looks neater that way. (You can even think of using them in the office or in your garage workshop!)
Bottle Pen-Stands
Use old jam bottles as pen stands. You can soak them in soap water overnight to get rid of the stickers and them paint them with glass-paint to make your own funky (and probably also personalized) pen stands. (This is, by the way, a great gift idea as well.)
Milk Carton Boxes
Milk boxes
Remember how you keep losing the pawns of your chess board?
Use milk cartons to make boxes for the pawns. All sorts of knick-knacks can go into such boxes - stationery material, soft-board pins, stapler pin, U-pins, etc. You can even make a piggy bank out of it!
Organizing the room is not so much of a hassle as most of us make it out to be. All you need is presence of mind and a little bit of creativity. With so many ideas, do not forget to keep your room clean and clutter free. Have fun redecorating your room! Cheerio!