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Cove Base

Cove Base
Cove base is an aesthetic way to protect the inner walls of the house from damage. Laying these tiles along the wall improves the appearance of a room.
Marlene Alphonse
One of the ways for beautifying the floor and protecting the base of the walls is to install a cove base. Cove base is a type of flooring which is installed in the place where the wall meets the floor. Rubber and vinyl tiles are used in this flooring technique since they are quite inexpensive when compared to the traditional wooden baseboards. This material is also easy to install and requires little maintenance. Available in an array of colors and unique designs, this base is created to match the interior designing of the house. The basic things required for this are cove base tiles, a cutting instrument, and mortar or adhesive to stick the tiles to the wall. Tiles are easily available in various home improvement stores as well as online retailers. You can seek the help of a professional flooring contractor to lay the tiles or can even do it on your own. Similarly, guidebooks regarding the installation process can also be used if handling the task on your own.

Installation Instructions

Installing a cove base can be done in an easy way and you don't have to be a veteran to do so. With a few basic skills you can lay the tiles along the walls, and floor by yourself.
  • Review the floor plan of the room. Take appropriate measurements before laying the tiles.
  • Lay the tiles to get a rough idea of how they will look once the actual process has been completed. If you are satisfied with the results, you can go ahead with the task.
  • With the help of a power tile saw, cut the tiles evenly, based on the measurements taken of the floor. Once the tiles have been cut, apply the adhesive to the tile--face down and press it firmly to the wall. Repeat this procedure till all the tiles have been laid.
  • With the help of a damp rag, rub off the excess adhesive from the tiles, before it becomes dry. If you have maintained uniformity while laying the tiles, the edges can be hardly noticeable.
  • Let the tiles set for about one day and press them again so they are pressed firmly into the wall.
  • For cleaning the tiles, you can choose mild cleansers available in every household, like detergent or soap water.
  • In case any tile has been damaged or is detached from the wall, it can be easily pulled from the walls and replaced. Reinstallation involves reapplication of the adhesive, fixing it to the wall and recaulking.
Make the interiors of your house more stylish by installing cove base that are available in versatile colors and tile designs. This can add a dramatic effect to the appearance of every room in your house.
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