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Country Kitchen Designs

Country Kitchen Designs: Components That Complete the Rustic Look

If you want to a rustic look to your kitchen, then opting for country style furniture is a good idea. Here are some design ideas that will help you remodel your kitchen and make it a cozy corner in your house.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018
Country style kitchen interior
The essence of a country kitchen is that it should exude warmth and nostalgia.
You need to use flooring, lighting, and cabinets that give you the feel of being in a rustic farmhouse. A country kitchen is very unlike a modern kitchen which has gleaming polished steel appliances and sleek surfaces.
Design Ideas for Country Kitchen
Kitchen In Luxury Home
The most vital aspect in designing a country kitchen is the color. Choose bright, bold and earthy tones like brown, tan, rust, orange, fawn, etc. You can also choose vibrant colors like tomato red, verdant green, cobalt blue or purple for the walls and ceilings.
Modern Kitchen
If you are not very comfortable having bright colors in the kitchen, you can go for more soothing soft ocean colors like sea green and turquoise blue. These bright colors in the kitchen can be very well combined with cabinets and countertops in cream, ivory, and beige.
Some colors should be strictly avoided in a country style kitchen and these are gray and black. The kitchen can also be wallpapered in bright stripes or floral motif to give it the right rustic look and ambiance.
Modern Kitchen Home Interior
The flooring should give an airy feeling and be eco-friendly. The best flooring for a country kitchen is the wooden one in a soft color. For a laid back country feel, install natural stone tiles. Placing a beautiful rug on the kitchen floor gives a nice touch to the overall decor.
Window Treatment
Curtain in Country kitchen
Make charming gingham patterned half curtains for the windows with a scalloped lace edging. You can also choose curtains that have bright floral prints in yellow or blue to give the kitchen a rustic feel.
Display planter boxes outside the window sills or decorate your kitchen by placing a pot of fresh flowers like daisies and peonies. You can also place herbs in containers that will not only be useful in the kitchen but also look appealing.
Storage Solutions and Furniture
As the colors of the walls and ceilings of a country kitchen is bright and vibrant, the kitchen cabinets and accessories should be in a muted color.
Interior Domestic Kitchen
If you can afford good wooden cabinets than opt for light colored wooden furniture like oak and walnut, reserve the expensive and darker mahogany cabinets for the dining room or the living room. Kitchen tables and shelves should also be in a matching color to the cabinets.
white color Country Kitchen
Most country styled cabinets are white colored for a spacious look. It is a good idea, but they are a tad difficult to maintain. You can place a small wicker chair for the cook to rest while preparing meals. Scour your local flea market for antique furniture as these pieces look superb in the kitchen.
Grandfather clock
Accessories like an old grandfather clock, copper pots and pans, patterned wooden ladles, and terracotta pottery should also be used in decorating a rustic kitchen.