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How to Choose Couch Pillows

How to Choose Couch Pillows to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

Add a few decorative couch pillows to your old furniture and see the difference they make to the interiors of your living room. Use the various tips from the following information on choosing the right pillows and their covers.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2019
Pillow with vibrant colors
Whether you want to make an old couch look new or simply want to spice up the interiors of your living room, couch pillows that are available in unimaginable colors, designs, and patterns, nowadays, are exactly what you need.
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Add a few colorful and bright throw pillows and you will be amazed at the kind of effect they have on your living room. And the best part about them is that they are quite pocket-friendly, as well.
Decorative Couch Pillows
The best place to check out the latest styles, designs, and colors available for couch pillows, is the Internet. You can choose the ones that you like from a website and order them online.
While choosing throw pillows for a couch, the first thing to decide is the number and size of the pillows. If the couch is big, creating a layered look by placing a mix of a number of small and large pillows will do wonders for your living room's look. However, if the couch is medium-sized or small, go for two or three small ones.
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Once you decide upon the size and number, next is the selection of designs and patterns. If you want to give a rich look to your living room, go for red pillow covers made with silk or satin fabric. You will get a plethora of traditional Chinese and Thai designs in red, silk cushion covers, to choose from.
Throw pillow covers which come with embellishments such as embroidery, bead work, ribbon work, lace, sequin, mirror work, patchwork, etc., gel very well with a traditional décor, too.
If you are someone who prefers minimalist accents in his room space, cotton cushions with simple prints such as stripes, polka dots, diamonds, flowers, etc., would be ideal.
The same designs are available in other materials such as suede, velvet, and linen.
cushion cover
However, when it comes to everyday usage and easy maintenance, cotton scores better than other fabrics. Cotton covers can easily be machine-washed. However, if the fabric is delicate, consider hand-washing it.
Cotton couch pillows may sometimes look very ordinary, so to add a bit of fun to its look, get those that come with a fringe or tassels along the edges.
For contemporary homes, pillows in white, black, and pastel shades, look good. When it comes to modern couch pillows for elegant and classy contemporary interiors, go for artistic designs.
Mock up poster with vintage hipster loft interior background
Covers that come with interesting words on them, such as "Om", "Peace", "Love", etc., can give a unique look to modern interiors. Knitted or quilted, plain couch covers look great in contemporary settings, too.
While buying couch pillows, pay special attention to the material used for stuffing. It should be either cotton or foam, as both are quite comfortable. These days couch pillows are available in some of the brightest colors such as aqua, fluorescent, orange, and purple, which can liven up any kind of living room.
Interior with brown sofa
Those with faces of some famous celebrities on them can help you showcase your passion or liking for them. Add a few of these inexpensive accent pieces to your furniture to create a stunning, comfortable, and cozy look, for your living room.