Down-home Cottage Style Kitchen Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 17, 2018
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Designing a cottage style kitchen requires certain know how about the design components required for such a rustic and cozy look. A peek into how you can incorporate this look in your home will give you some ideas.
Cottage style kitchens, similar to country style kitchens, are very much in vogue as people like a warm and welcoming place to cook in. It is a good design element for those who want to retain an old world charm in their kitchen and make it a place they can escape to from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.
Cottage style kitchens are suitable for people who love to cook in a relaxed atmosphere. The hallmarks of this type of kitchen are soft colors, painted cabinets, and printed fabrics.

Cottage-Style Kitchen Ideas


While designing cottage style kitchens, you have to keep some basic things in mind. The first thing that you need to consider while designing such a kitchen is the color scheme.
If you are used to having a minimalistic kitchen with white and gray walls or chrome and steel finishing, then you might be tempted to go the same way while designing a cottage style kitchen. But the fact is these kitchens are supposed to exude warmth and vibrancy, which can only be achieved by using bright colors.
So, choose bold and bright colors in your kitchen walls like orange, burnt sienna, cobalt, turquoise, or yellow. You can experiment with different wall finishes like sponge painting, color washing, and aged leather wall painting techniques as well.


Use ceramic tiles, polished stones, or wooden planks as flooring material in these type of kitchens. You can also use old red bricks as backsplash to give it a more rustic look. It also goes very well with the vibrant colored walls, giving the kitchen the old world charm.
The window treatment for such kitchens should be simple and not too fancy and over the top. The best window treatments for this style of kitchen is to use simple valance or venetian blinds. You can also use chintz curtains in a cheerful print to give the kitchen a cozy atmosphere.


Cabinets in a cottage style kitchen should preferably be in wood and painted in a light color like cream, ivory, egg shell blue, or a light yellow. Look for antique kitchen cabinet hardware in your local antique shop to get some good bargains.
Glass doors for the upper cabinets are a good choice since these allow you to display collectibles. As the color palette of the kitchen walls are bright, it makes sense to paint the kitchen cabinets in subtle shades. Cottage style decorating is all about achieving a harmonious blends of colors, textures, and materials so that everything looks cohesive.


For the countertops use wood, stone, or ceramic tiles as these elements blend well with the rest of the décor. Farmhouse and apron-front sinks should be fitted in a cottage style kitchen, though modern stainless steel sinks can also be used.
For extra storage, opt for wicker baskets to store fresh produce. Cottage style kitchen furniture like chairs can be sourced from an antique furniture store where you can look for floral or striped upholstery for a rustic look. Also, opt for diffused and soft lighting that will blend with the décor.
A cottage style kitchen should be warm and relaxing and this can be achieved by the right mix of wall color, natural flooring, and antique furniture.