Corner Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Tilottama Chatterjee Dec 20, 2018
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A corner fireplace can be a little tricky to deal with and decorate, though on the plus side, it will probably save you some space.
Traditionally, fireplaces occupy the center space in a wall and is lined with a mantel. However, these days fireplaces are also placed on walls that an angle. These look very unique and classy as it gives a different look to the entire room. Corner fireplaces are also more convenient to clean and decorate.

How to Decorate Corner Fireplaces

Since the walls behind the fireplace intersect, you're likely to have two sides at right angles, with equal arms forming the fireplace mantel. In some cases, the mantel may be gently curved, or triangular.
The appropriate decorations for the fireplace mantel will make or break the look. When making a choice, an interior decorating design concept that may help you is the 'Three Plus One' method.
Essentially this concept involves picking out three items which are linked together by a common thread, but not identical. They could be linked by color, texture or theme; for instance three picture frames, candle sconces, or pieces of china.
Divide your mantel mentally into half and place these on one side of the dividing line, but closer to the center, ensuring that they aren't perched at the very edge. Don't line them up symmetrically, but experiment, pulling them back and forth, perhaps 'layering' them by tucking one a little behind the other two.
Next, find what will function as 'One' - this could again be linked to the selected 'three' in color, texture or theme but should be bigger in size, or imply visual mass equivalent to the other three.
It may take a while to figure this out, but with some experimentation, you're quite likely to find something that works well. The principle functions on what the eye perceives as balance which is not always related to perfect symmetry.
You could also try picking out a painting, a sculpture, or a tall vase, for instance that you could place in the center of the mantelpiece. This will 'elongate' the wall surface above the fireplace, which can at times look short or squat, and lend the illusion of height.
Mirrors can also serve the same purpose; pick an antique finish ornate frame, for an unusual touch, or play around with textures and sizes. Large wall mirrors also add the illusion of space to a room, which can do a world of good to a cramped corner.
Add a few knick-knacks or pieces around the main focal point, maybe a rosemary topiary or some souvenirs from a holiday and you're good to go. If the wall behind is textured, you could even get a simple frame, or a number of frames in different shapes, and place them against the wall.
You can create a cozy nook around the fireplace by placing a few floor cushions, a loveseat or an armchair around it. If the space allows, you can extend recessed shelves above the fireplace, or even add a bookcase, and you have yourself a warm little library.
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