Corner Computer Desk for Small Spaces

Mamta Mule Apr 21, 2019
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Space saver, compact, and multifunctional designs of furniture work the best for small spaces. Get some ideas on such space-saving corner computer desks here.
Having a corner desk is the best idea in case you are short of space, as they are the most compact pieces of furniture, and are highly convenient. Here are some designs that you can use for your office, study, or room.

Wall-Mounted Tables

Wall-mounted corner desks offer you free floor space which, helps to avoid the blocking effect that other desks might create. There is no need of a frame while you opt for this type of desk. You can have a wall-mount table top of desired size and shape.
Add a few shelves above and below it according to the computer hardware pieces that need to be accommodated here. You can have a few extra shelves mounted above this table top to place other stationery and books.

Multifunctional Desks

If you are really low on space in your room, then multifunctional desks are your best option. These desks can be used for other purposes apart from keeping your computer and other stationary.
If you have an L-shaped desk plan, then you can add a few cabinets under the countertop to store books, magazines, notes, etc. You can also install a rectangular, square, or oval mirror, and use the desk as a dresser too.

Open Desks

If you are planning to have a small wooden desk, then this can be the right design to consider. An open desk consists of a wooden frame that is just essential to form a simple desk and a table top that sits on the frame. Further you can add storage on one side, below the table top.
A shelf for CPU and a tray for your keyboard is essential. Apart from this, don't consider adding flat wooden boards from the back or both the sides. An open desk helps avoid the blocking effect, hence makes an amazing design.
Hope you find the aforementioned designs suitable for your room. With the right material and designs, you can create some truly space-saver pieces of furniture, that rightly suit your requirements, and fit in the available area.