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Amazing Yet Little-known Benefits of Cork Vinyl Flooring

Gaurav Shimpi Apr 7, 2019
Are you shopping for a type of flooring that will suit your home in the best possible way? This story can help you cement your decision by providing you with the benefits of cork flooring.
An attractive flooring can add value to any home decor. It's always surprising how flooring can change the attractiveness, coziness, and appearance of a home drastically. There is no dearth of options in the types of flooring available today.
Whether carpet, hardwood, or laminate, they all have their sets of advantages and disadvantages. But, if you are looking for a popular and attractive alternative to traditional flooring, then we would strongly recommend cork flooring.
Being warm, cozy, comfortable, and durable, this flooring is pure value for money. The prices are also comparatively less, and moreover, the installation is so easy that you can do it yourself.
The raw material used for making cork floors is the bark of the cork tree. Cork oak mainly grows in the Mediterranean countries, and the tree is able to give up its bark every nine or ten years, after which a new layer of bark grows. This unique trait of the tree is harmless and cork is definitely a natural renewable resource.
This wonderful natural resource has been improving home decor for over a hundred years in houses, schools, hospitals, churches, museums, libraries, and even hotels. In early days, these floors became quite a sensation due to their durability and attractiveness, but their popularity decreased due to the advent of other new materials.

Essential Benefits of Cork Floors


We don't want to install flooring every few months, hence, in any type of flooring, durability is an extremely crucial quality. In this fast-paced life, we want a flooring that is easy to clean, maintain, and lasts long.
Well, cork flooring definitely provides us with all such benefits. Without being biased, the durability is as good as any other flooring, if not more. Reviews suggest that they are protected with five layers of durable UV along with acrylic finish.
So, they also require minimum maintenance. Cork floors are also covered in polyurethane coating, which increases the durability and longevity. So, if the protective coat of a cork floor begins to wear out, it can easily be re-coated.


Resilience is an important property worth mentioning. Cork is made up of fifty percent air, which makes it lightweight and extremely resilient to pressure.
Now, even if we place furniture on this floor, it will make a temporary dent, but as soon as the furniture is removed, the floor will regain its original shape almost immediately. This property does not even affect its attractiveness. In other types of flooring, such as carpet, heavy furniture can leave a permanent mark.

Water Resistant

This flooring is also water resistant. It contains a natural substance called suberin, which is a wax substance that makes the flooring resistant to liquids. Unlike hardwood floors, which get damaged if exposed to water or liquid, cork will not rot and also won't lose shine.
Cork flooring will be a perfect choice for kitchen floor. However, do not use mops to clean the floors, because it absorbs water which can damage the floor.

Sound and Temperature Insulating Property

Another important aspect which will make it your favorite is that it is a good sound and temperature insulator. Temperature-insulating properties does not let go the heat present in the house through the floor.
This factor is extremely important during the winter season. The flooring could provide ample insulation against sound coming from outside. It will effectively lower the noise that is invading your peaceful moments.
Cork flooring is available in various natural and artificial colors. Moreover, if maintained properly, it can last for 20 to 25 years without many problems. We hope this information helps you in buying the best suited flooring for your home.