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Essential Factors That Affect the Durability of Cork Flooring

Kritika Parwani Jul 14, 2019
Cork flooring is gaining a lot of popularity because of its durability, honey toned appearance, low maintenance, and comfort. If you are thinking of installing it in your house or office, this post can help you to know more about it.
One of the most crucial parts of any home is the flooring. It can change the value and appearance of a home drastically. There are many options for the same, e.g., you can have carpets, hardwood flooring, or even linoleum flooring.
A unique choice is cork flooring which has been naturally enriching interiors for over a hundred years in houses, schools, hospitals, churches, museums, libraries, and even hotels. It has many advantages. Besides being eco-friendly, it is warm, comfortable, and durable that not only adds to the aesthetics of a house but also makes it cozy and comforting.

What is it?

Cork floors are made from the bark of the cork tree which is also used to make wine corks. The cork oak primarily grows in the Western Mediterranean countries.
This tree has the unique trait of being able to give up its bark every 9 or 10 years and grow a new layer of bark after the previous one is harvested. All this is done without any harm to the tree and thus, it is a renewable and sustainable resource.
Cork flooring was first manufactured and installed in the early part of the twentieth century. It became quite popular because of its durability. Though, over the years its popularity has diminished because of the introduction of new materials like vinyl flooring, cork is again re-establishing itself as an interesting and cost-effective material.

The Durability

When choosing any flooring, one of the first characteristics that is crucial is its durability. The flooring of any house or commercial structure is a huge investment and you want it to be easy to maintain and last for a long time.
Cork flooring is one of the most strongest options that is available today. There are several points that show it's durability. Few of them are:


Cork is more than 50% air, thus making it lightweight and extremely resilient to pressure. If you place heavy furniture on it, it will make an impression, but as soon as you remove the pressure, the floor will spring back to its original shape immediately and look as good as new. With other types such as carpet; heavy furniture can leave a permanent mark.

Water Resistant

Another feature which showcases the durability is its water-resistant property. It contains a natural substance called 'suberin' which is a wax type of substance that makes it impervious to liquids. Unlike hardwood flooring, which will rot if exposed to water or liquid, cork will not. Thus, making it versatile and a perfect for kitchen and bathroom flooring.

Easily Renewable

Another great feature is that, they are covered in a polyurethane coating to provide a wear surface that increases their durability and longevity. Even if the protective coat begins to wear out, it can easily be coated again.

Sound and Temperature Insulator

It is also a good sound and temperature insulator. This is due to its cellular, honeycomb like structure of millions of tiny air pockets. Thus, it is a great choice for floors that are above other living spaces and unlike other kinds of flooring, you won't have to hear the sounds of footfalls.
These were some of the factors making it durable. However, you should also weigh its pros and cons before making a final decision.