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These Benefits Prove Why Cork Flooring is a Preferred Choice

Bhakti Satalkar Jul 7, 2019
Apart from being environment friendly and durable, it is also fire and mold resistant making it a preferred choice. This piece enlists the benefits of opting for a cork flooring.
With green flooring being the recent rage, a lot of people are opting for cork. As a matter of fact, the raw material is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees making it a natural and renewable material. Thanks to its durability, beauty and other unique characteristics it has emerged as a popular choice in most American homes.
Cork is an acoustic insulator making the floor naturally warmer. The air trapped inside the cellular structure of the material makes it perfect to be used as a shock absorber.
Natural cork tiles are water resistant. The presence of Suberin which is a waxy substance makes it impermeable to liquids and gas.

It is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and termites, besides, it is also anti-microbial properties.
It resists cracking and abrasions making it durable. Besides, its ability to bounce back ensures your flooring stays as good as new, for as long as forty years.
Apart from providing a comfortable cushion underfoot, it has natural sound absorbing properties. It helps reduce the impact of anything that accidentally falls to the floor as also the sound of people walking across the room.
When installed as an underlay for hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring it effectively creates a sound barrier.
One of the benefits of using natural filament is that it is low on maintenance, and it can be installed on any surface. The only down side of this flooring is that, sharp objects can punctuate the tiles leaving tell-tale signs of wear. Besides, it is highly priced as compared to other flooring options.