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Cordless Roman Shades

Cordless Roman Shades
If you are in search of some innovative window treatments, Roman blinds without cords can be a convenient option. Read the following article to know more.
Rutuja Jathar
Interior decoration is incomplete without an appropriate window treatment. Window blinds or shades is the most dominant option which is used for its covering. Normally, when it comes to installing blinds to the home décor, most people consider elegance and antiquity as the prime concern. However, sometimes untangling cords of the shades becomes quire irksome, which is the basic idea behind the invention of cordless Roman shades.

Where to Find Them?

Roman shades are simple or decorative fabric pieces that are installed on the windows. These shades are mostly controlled by cords or strings. They come with a handle that you need to push down or pull up to decide the placement as per your requirements. If you are in search of bay window blinds, then you can also choose options like two-on-one Roman shades, which are perfect for larger windows.

Apart from variations in functions, there is also a variety in style, design and pattern of these cordless shades. You can get plain, printed, embroidered, and designer shades. They are also available in various fabrics like striped, crush, luster, linen, translucent weave, sheers, and floral patterns. All that you need to do is to decide whether you want the shades in blackout or designer fabrics. Roman shades are rather costly and if you are running on a tight budget, then you may need to search for cheaper options. The best option would be to wait for clearance sales that offer great discounts on designer as well as light-filtering varieties.


Material Needed
  • Fabric
  • Small curtain rings
  • Wood batten
  • Measuring tape
  • Stick-on hook and loop tapes
  • Sew-on hook and loop tapes
  • Closing hooks
  • Hand needle
  • Sewing machine

Measure the size of the window so that you can decide upon the amount of fabric that you are going to need. Once you measure the width as well as length, you need to purchase a wood batten with the same width as that of the window. Then, stick the hook side of the stick-on hook and loop tape on the front side of the batten. Next, mount the batten board at the top of the window by keeping its hook-side down. Now measure the length of the window, starting from the batten board that you installed. Add at least ½ inch into the length measurements and then cut the fabric to this measurement. For width of the fabric, add at least 6 inches to the initial width of the batten and cut the fabric accordingly.

Once you are done with measuring and cutting the fabric, you now need to hem the fabric on all sides. While doing so, make sure that you are leaving ¼ inch of hem allowance. Then place the fabric right side down and divide it into four equal and vertical sections. Mark the sections and label the three lines (as A,B,C or 1,2,3, etc.). Again measure the lines and create "x" mark on every 8 inches on each line. Make sure you start from the bottom. Attach the curtain rings on the "x" marks that you created. You can use hand sewing method for doing so. Then, join the loop tape on the shade to the hook tape of the bottom. This will help you to hang the shades. Lastly, place closing hook on each bottom ring of each row. Now, lift the hooks so that they catch the rings next to them. Repeat the same with the rest of the rows of the rings and you are done!
Sewing machine isolated
Tape measure
Needle for sewing
Closeup of four curtain rings
Rough khaki brown linen fabric texture background
Wood batten
Orange safety hook