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Really Cool Offbeat and Non-traditional Coffee Table Alternatives

Cool Coffee Table Alternatives
Coffee tables are functional units, but they can lend outstanding appeal to any living space. Be it in a cove in a large living room, or the center of attention in a smaller one; a coffee table is here to revolutionize décor as we know it, and presents something vastly different to the décor enthusiast.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
How about nothing?
Some decorating experts suggest that instead of having an alternative to a coffee table, having a wide, empty space sometimes looks more appealing!
Can you imagine not having a coffee table? I can't! I need one to keep all those things I need around me when I'm chilling: The remotes, my books, my laptop, my feet, my plate, and a whole lot of other things. In fact, I wish my coffee table had storage so that I could stuff more in it! But I know of a lot of minimalists who must be cringing as they read this and can do without the clutter a huge coffee table brings with it. While it seems to be a staple in every house, some of us don't pay attention to the fact that it can look absolutely gorgeous and doesn't have to be the traditional wood top with four legs.

Coffee tables have come a long, long way, and have now evolved from mundane to cool and quirky. Out with those four-legged boring tables; we now have multipurpose objects serving as coffee tables by day, and several other things by night. We present to you, some cool alternatives to coffee tables that are easy to acquire or even make if you are a DIYer.
Some Cool Why-Didn't-I-Think-of-This Alternatives to Coffee Tables
Wooden plank coffee table
A wooden plank. Pick one up, paint it, and place it in the center of your living area. This one's too neat but if you're feeling a little wild, decoupage it, paint it in a vibrant color, or give it a distressed look. What do you think?
Wicker stools as coffee table
Experiment with different materials. Go for wicker stools in multiples, and create a focal point in your living area with them. Use trays to keep things, and cushions when you just want to put up your feet after a long, tiring day!
Portable trolley coffee table
How would you like to have a trolley for a coffee table? It can be around when you need it and out of your way when you don't. Moreover, look at how much it can store! *drool*
Trunk coffee table
You know how they say trunks are passé? Well, not yet! So, if you were on the verge of discarding yours, stop right there. Revamp your trunk, and place it right where you have your boring coffee table now. Look at how sturdy it is, and look at all that storage!
Ottoman coffee table
So, maybe, you did think of this one because they're all over décor magazines. But how can it not be included in this list? It is so comfortable; it doubles up as a seat when extra seating is required; your legs and feet will thank you when you keep them on this; and they're massive. So, say hello to all those things you're dying to adorn your current coffee table with!
Side table as coffee table
And you know those side tables that are just kept on the 'side' and ignored, and collect dust while we keep dumping stuff on them? Well, chuck the coffee table and bring those to the fore. They take less space, are as functional, and look quite pleasant, particularly in small spaces.
Short bench coffee table
Isn't this short, long bench just divine? Just look how seamlessly it fits into a room where everything has clear-cut lines, subtly and beautifully breaking the monotony! Make it or find it, but make sure you use this lovely coffee table.
Group of upholstered stools as coffee table
Now, some of you may just not want to invest in any extra piece of furniture, isn't it? So, if you have some upholstered stools lying around, put them together and make your own coffee table. Now, these are very similar to ottomans, but they can be more versatile in their bases and add quite a dash of drama in any given space.
Group of wooden stools as coffee table
Scared you'll spoil your darling, prized upholstered stools? Opt for wooden ones then. With quirky shapes and quirkier sizes (I mean, how small can they get?), the ones shown here can really be used only as eye candy. If you want to make them useful, add a circular piece of glass or wood atop them, and have a ready-to-use coffee table.
Chest of drawers as coffee table
Get that chest of drawers out of your room and into where all the action is. Revamp it with your personal touch, and look at how much value it adds to your living room! This one's perfect for a larger room. And again, look at all that storage!
Form definitely does not follow function in this one, but this is quite a unique piece to look at. A stack of wooden planks fixed together at odd angles breaks the visual monotony a room generally develops. Be careful around this one; it could be used as a coffee table for two rather than a central coffee table.
Tree stump coffee table
A coffee table is a coffee table, whether outdoors or indoors. For a rustic, rugged look, what better an alternative to the traditional coffee table than tree stumps? Put together a bunch, and create a visual treat around your regular hangout, your sofa! Mind you, these are heavy, but they're also eco-friendly! Now you decide whether they work for you.
So, would you opt for these quirky alternatives or stick to the traditional definition of a coffee table? Let us know!
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