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Cool Bedroom Ideas for Guys

Aparna Jadhav Dec 15, 2018
Here is an information regarding some stylish and swanky ideas of bedroom designs for guys.
Bedrooms are the best place to spend time, when you're just relaxing at home on a rainy day, or a free weekend. You can play games, read books, listen to music, or check your mail on your soft and cozy bed. This room can be completely personalized according to your choice.
Many people like to have stylish and elegant bedrooms, which have a particular color scheme with matched furniture. Some like to have a collection of many colors and combinations with mismatched furniture.
Men have very different choices, when it comes to the colors and arrangements regarding this subject. They like to make their rooms as personal as possible for unique identification and association.
It's often said that you can judge a man by the kind of his bedroom. As guys love to spend time in their rooms by playing games, working out, or simply listening to music for relaxing after a tiring day. Since guys like to have all their necessary amenities around their bed, it's a great idea to make their rooms styled according to them.


This aspect brings out the essence of the bedroom, regarding its uniqueness and personality of the person. Opt for color contrasts with the furniture, as this accentuates every detail in your room, and makes it appear more attractive and bright.
Dull pastel colors likes blue, gray, beige, green, and other neutral ones are very well suited for guys. Red is also a great color, especially if you have dark furniture and light curtains. For small kids, try to use bright blue and yellow colors.


Guys generally like gray and black colors for their bed linens. Dark blue and olive green would also be a good choice. For the curtains, select dark colors like mauve and shades of maroon.
You can match the bed sheet and the curtain colors, to create a simple uniformity in the room so that it doesn't look shabby and messed up. If you like carpets, the best colors would be dark shades of any neutral ones, as they can combine well with any furniture and linen.


This includes the bed, desks and dressers, storage (wardrobes and closets), sofas and couches, etc. Wooden bedroom furniture is the best choice for a combination with any type of decor.
There are many choices like timber, mahogany, oak, teak, maple, etc., which can be used to make the furniture looks stylish and trendy, when accompanied with the bedding and linens. Rot iron and related furniture substitutes can also be used for this purpose, since it has black color that can match with any other bedroom aspect.

Accessories and Decor

These make the bedrooms more interesting, and they provide an individual feel. Bookshelves, CD holders, table lamps, bean bags, magazine racks, and shoe stands are a necessity in every man's room.
Also, automatic room fresheners on the wall, laundry hampers, trash bins, paintings or posters, musical instruments, etc., are also some important accessories. Picture frames can be a part of his dresser, or the bedside table next to the lamps. Corner pieces like plants or potpourri will definitely make the room look stylish and masculine.