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Contemporary or Modern Ceiling Fans for Home Interior Decorating

Contemporary or Modern Ceiling Fans for Home Interior Decorating

Contemporary ceiling fans with their modern looks and conveniences like light kits and remote control can add a special touch to the interior décor of any home.
DecorDezine Staff
It was way back in 1882 when Philip Diehl, who had designed the electric motor that was used in the first Singer sewing machines, adapted the motor to be used in a fan that was mounted on the ceiling, thus inventing the first ceiling fan that was electrically powered, which became an instant commercial hit. He continued making improvements to his brainchild, one of them being a ceiling fan light kit, called the 'Diehl Electrolier', which he fixed onto the fan in order to compensate for the displacement of light fixtures due to the ceiling fan being installed.

By the time of World War I, instead of the two blades that they originally had, ceiling fans had begun to be manufactured with four blades. This resulted in the motors being used more efficiently, because the fan circulated more air, plus, the fan became much quieter too.

Ceiling fans became quite commonplace by the 1920s in the US. But then, the advent of the Great Depression saw it fading out of vogue, and by the time World War II ended, fans had practically disappeared, and remained so until the 1950s. Although they continued being popular in countries that had war climates, where air conditioners were too expensive to use.

By the turn of the 1960s, ceiling fans started catching on again slowly when they were imported to the US by some Asian manufacturers. But, when the energy crisis struck in the 1970s, there was a huge demand again, since they consumed much less energy compared to air conditioners, and their popularity remained high right up to the late 1980s. This was the time that saw the rise of well-known fan manufacturers like Casablanca Fan Company, Hunter Fan Co., FASCO, Lasko, and Emerson Electric. But, by the early 1990s, the sales started plummeting because of them becoming more expensive due to the high cost of American labor and parts, plus the ever reducing prices of amenities like air conditioners.

Stepping into the World of Modern Ceiling Fans

However, these days, this humble method of cooling is staging a comeback in the form of contemporary ceiling fans, due to the growing concern about the environment by society. Apart from the environment, another reason people are increasingly opting for ceiling fans is that with the continuing increase in the cost of electrical utilities and gas, families are finding that using air conditioners has become just too expensive.

Modern ceiling fans that are available these days are far more sophisticated than the ones that were used in the past. Contemporary ceiling fans are updated versions that are designed to suit contemporary home interiors and hence, are appealing to the homeowners of today. Whether your home has a plush interior theme, an arty ambiance, or sports a minimalist look, you will find stylish and sleek fans that can match a wide range of interior decoration themes. Plus, taking a page from the historic Diehl Electrolier, modern fans are fitted with ceiling fan light kits, which come in a wide variety of contemporary designs, from brass to chrome to brushed pewter finish, that will add a distinctive decorative touch to any room they are fixed in.

While traditional ceiling fans were only available in limited choices in color, modern ones come in a huge range of colors, from electric blues, to mellow yellows, and hot reds, which you can choose according to the color scheme of your home décor.

Contemporary ceiling fans are also well suited to modern homes due to the convenience of using them. Like other home appliances that are designed for leisure, today's fans come with a remote control. Hence, you can turn them on or off while you are sitting comfortable in your couch watching your favorite TV program. They also come with various temperature settings, which adds to the convenience and is ideal in a world that is highly stressful and hectic.

Contemporary Ceiling Fans can be Used in Winter Too

And another great convenience about contemporary ceiling fans is that they can be used during the cold months of winter too. That is because modern fans have technologically advanced systems that help in reversing the airflow.

Hence, when the fan is switched on with its normal settings, the airflow comes down and is spread out into the room, but when it is put on the reverse flow setting, the fan draws the air up, blowing it in the opposite direction. This helps in maintaining the heated airflow all over the house and also induces proper air circulation. This is particularly important in the winter because it helps in preventing the ingestion of dust and other particulate matter in the air which tend to collect since all the doors and windows are kept shut. This circulation of air is also an effective way to spread heat throughout the house, thus saving money on energy consumption, since conventional heating systems consume far more energy.

A contemporary ceiling fan is certainly a very attractive fixture that will add to the ambiance of your home. There are innumerable websites on the Internet where you can check out the designs and prices of contemporary ceiling fans.