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Concrete Stairs

Mamta Mule Jan 1, 2019
Concrete stairs are a great option for outdoor, indoor, and basement staircases. They are durable, versatile, and require very little maintenance.
Many homes have concrete steps leading to the main entrance door or going down to the basement. It is also used for indoor staircases.
Although stairs made up of materials like wood and aluminum are becoming popular, a concrete staircase is known for its durability. It can be painted, tiled, or carpeted. This makes it the best choice for commercial as well as residential properties.

Why Choose These Staircases?

Concrete can stand extreme weather conditions and lasts for years with hardly any damage. Moreover, these require less maintenance. Another advantage is that you can construct it in various designs like spiral, round, straight, etc. While there are limited options to beautify wooden staircases, concrete can be designed in a number of ways.
They can also be renovated from time to time. If you have carpeted your stairs, you can choose to tile or paint them if want to leave them bare. This is the most significant advantage of concrete, as they are extremely versatile when it comes to refinishing them. The cost is lesser when you get them done along with other construction work at home.

Options Available

The traditional way of constructing these staircases is 'on site'. Depending upon the design plan, workers will first construct the staircase, fit the railings, and then add the final finishing. However, precast concrete steps are also constructed these days.
They are poured and finished 'off site' and later transported and installed. But those constructed on site are said to be much durable. Precast stairs are also known as prefab stairs. Once the construction is over, one can add a nice surface texture to them.

Decorating the Staircase

When it comes to finishing the staircase, your options are plenty. Painting it is the first alternative that you can think of after its construction. Another idea is installing tiles on them. You can consider various flooring patterns such as ceramic, mosaic, marble, or granite.
You can also add carpeting and have the staircase look fabulous within a tighter budget. However, painting is the most inexpensive option, provided you use premium-quality paint and the right colors.
Once the concrete stairs are ready, you can explore your options while designing them. You can choose from a wide variety of marble, tiles, carpets, or paints.