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Concrete Painting Techniques

Concrete Painting Techniques
Wondering, how to make the dull gray concrete surface look great? Here are various concrete painting techniques you can use to make the concrete surface look beautiful.
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Concrete is one of the most used man-made construction material; it is very durable and ideal for high-traffic areas, as this material can stand various falls and blows. However, if the concrete surface is left unpainted then the bare surface looks dull and gray. There are various ways to paint concrete surfaces and various painting techniques to create great-looking surfaces. Here are some tips on how to prepare concrete surface before painting, the materials used for painting concrete, and various ideas and techniques to paint concrete surfaces.
How to Paint Concrete Floors?
The first step to paint a concrete floor or any other concrete surface is to clean the surface thoroughly. This means use a scrub brush to clean the entire surface, washing grease or any other substances off the surface. After this let the surface dry and apply a primer/sealer. Then you can apply paint in any technique or with any decorative idea of your choice. While painting you might need an additive, if you are painting concrete floor. Finally, apply a coat of gloss finish to give the painted surface a finished look and to increase the life of the walls.
Different Ways to Paint Concrete
You can use different materials for painting concrete surfaces. But, if you are on a tight budget, then even traditional paint can be applied. However, regular paints are not manufactured keeping in mind concrete surface, so don't expect great results. But, if you want good results then there are paint materials which can do a great job. Epoxy concrete floor coating mixed with sand provides a good texture and a tough durable flooring. They also resist spills, grease, and provide a non-slip surface making them ideal for painting concrete floors. Also, they come in different colors, so you can pick a color of your choice and try out some interior paint effects to give a cool textured look to the concrete surfaces.
You can also go for concrete stain and try out new painting techniques. If you want a material which you can use to paint concrete surface in a living room then concrete stain is a good choice. You can experiment with lots of techniques using concrete stain. You can try out stenciling, stamping, sponging, etc., using acid-based stain and produce natural-toned surface design that resemble natural materials like stone, marble, leather, or wood. You can also use concrete dyes for painting concrete surface, which are actually pigments that are painted on the surface and penetrate the surface to achieve desired look. If you wish to try out some artistic effect on your concrete surface using concrete dyes, then hiring a professional is recommended.
Painting Techniques and Ideas
  • Try painting a faux tile design on the surface. Decide the size and shape of tiles, mark the horizontal and vertical lines with masking tape. Then paint using a roller to get the faux tile effect. Remove the tape to reveal the faux tile.
  • If you wish to create a granite effect on the walls, then use sponging to create the effect of granite. If you want smooth steps, then try staining the surface first.
  • If you wish to take away the harsh, uneven feeling of the concrete painted surface, then use this idea. Apply a clear glaze on the surface for a shiny smooth surface look.
  • You can also use a stencil design on a clean concrete surface. The design can be of bright flowers or any other outdoor theme design. Make sure you treat the stenciled concrete every few year with a good quality sealant to maintain its color.
  • You can also paint different colored blossoms throughout the concrete driveway to create a colorful fresh look.
These were the various concrete painting ideas and tips. Ensure, that you prepare the concrete surface well, before applying paint.
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