Concrete Painting Designs

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 20, 2018
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If you want to change your boring concrete patio into something more exciting, then concrete painting designs are what you need. This article lists some great ideas to paint your floors and the techniques to do them.
Concrete is often the preferred flooring option for patios and similar outdoor spaces. Sometimes, these places become an extension of the main home. Naturally, these days, people take as much effort to decorate these places as the rest of their house.
However, when it comes to decorating floors, people assume that their options are limited and all they can do is add a dye to the concrete while mixing it. Although this is one of the options, there are myriads of other exciting ways of painting concrete patios.

Design Ideas

One of the essential characteristics of concrete is that it hardens pretty fast. Thus, whatever design you have in your mind, it must be implemented in right time. There is little scope for errors while painting this kind of surface.

Stone Studded Floor

Create a surface of concrete with your favorite color. This can be done by adding concrete dye in the concrete mixture. Just when the concrete begins to solidify, smooth out its surface with a float.
Now, spread tiny decorative stones on the surface evenly. You may choose decorative stones in a single color or you could go for multicolored stones. Make sure that the stones are not too sharp or pointy.

Multicolored Floor

If you wish to add a lot of color to your flooring, then this is the design you should be looking for. Divide your patio into various sections (geometric or otherwise). Also, divide the concrete mixture into the same number of portions (one for each sector).
Now, add a different dye to each portion and mix well. Apply the concrete to the floor. Make sure you don't mess up the sections. Start working on a new section only when the previous one has dried completely. You can create a beautiful multicolored pattern using this technique.

Painting Techniques

Now that you know how to use various floor painting ideas, it should be easier for you to implement various decorative painting techniques.


Sponge can be effectively used as a tool for imitating natural stone patterns. Granite imitation is the most popular technique. Sponge can effectively replicate the mottled look of granite. Choose a couple paint colors of your choice or those which resemble natural granite. Also, choose a background color such as black, you will stamp the sponge on this.
Once the background color has dried, start applying the granite colors by dipping the sponge in paint. If you wish to create the magic of real granite, you should paint the fine veins that are found on granite. This can be done by dipping a feather in paint and then running it across the floor.

Stencils and Molds

Those who are looking for highly intricate patterns should go for stencils and molds. Plastic molds in varying designs, shapes, and sizes are easily available at home improvement stores. Use the stencil or mold while the concrete is still wet.
You may use the stencil in the same color (for an embroidery-like effect) or in a color contrasting the background. It is possible to recreate the designs of rugs and carpets on concrete using stencils and molds. Although this is a difficult job, the results will often leave the onlookers in awe.
There are several designs which you can implement on your own. However, if you wish to convert your patio flooring into a masterpiece, then you might have to seek professional services.
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