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Types of Concrete Grinder

Types of Concrete Grinder

A concrete grinder is used for the purpose of resurfacing floors, removing stains, and imperfections from a concrete surface. This article provides some information on the common types of grinders.
DecorDezine Staff
A concrete grinder is a multipurpose tool used mainly for grinding, polishing, and removing stains from floors and uneven surfaces. This type of grinder is basically used for crushing concrete, granite, and marbles for installing them in households and workplaces. Any imperfections over floors can be removed by this machine. It has inbuilt features that aid in performing such kind of jobs. Before using this machine, one must read the instructions written on the leaflet provided along with the machine.

Different Types of Concrete Grinders

Concrete floor grinders can be purchased from any home improvement shops. The machine is assembled with scalers, planers, blasters, and scabblers that performs grinding and polishing works. Sometimes the abrasive tools are also made of silicon carbide or diamond that offer a high-end polish. These machines are also fitted with rotating discs of different hardness that operate under power supply. They are either propane-powered, gas powered, or electric powered.

Heavy Duty
This is the oldest version of the machine that performs 'heavy duty on floors'. This implies removing blemishes, concrete floor paint, and stains from concrete surface. The common type is the 7-inch grinder having a dust collection tool, that ensures sucking up the accumulated dust simultaneously. The D28474W has an 800 rpm motor and features 'automatic turn-off' brushes. The size is 7-inches and it has a flexible side handle that can be adjusted to five different positions. Other features include a cord that has double insulation system meant for giving best performance during fluctuation of temperature.

This type is quite handy and it's used for floor cleaning small and compact zones. Concrete floors near corners of doors and rooms are usually cleaned with a handheld grinder. It's not only easy to use but is also portable. However, if one attempts to clean large areas with this grinder, then it would take a lot of time. It's generally used in spaces that are prone to dust accumulation. Such grinders are also employed for making a concrete floor that have epoxy concrete paint or has a concrete coating. Furthermore, they are studded with diamond pads that aid in polishing and removing blemishes from floors.

This type is fitted with a vacuum cleaner that helps mostly in cleaning purposes. The vacuum cleaner acts like a suction that immediately picks the debris with it. Shrouded grinders are also employed to remove stubborn stains like paint, epoxies, glue, mastics, and urethane from the concrete flooring. The Sawtec Grinder-Vac shrouded concrete grinder is a good brand that has a unique vacuum system attached with the grinder. Shrouded grinder usually comes as angle grinders in three different sizes, viz, 5'', 7'', and 10''.

Multi-headed grinders are employed over large areas to remove uneven endings or to file rough concrete surfaces. The brushes can be changed according to the purpose of its use and the nature of surface on which it has been applied. It's also attached with a dust collector that helps in collecting the dust at once while on use. The size is comparatively bigger than the machines listed in the aforementioned content. Multipurpose grinders also require considerable maintenance as the brushes need to be replaced after a certain duration.

This type is popularly known as a 5-inch concrete grinder, used for removing irregularities from concrete surfaces. They are employed for adding finishes to concrete surfaces. The inbuilt tools also aid in polishing and refurbishing the surface of concrete. The 5-inch grinder is extremely handy and portable weighing only 6 pounds. A few models are fitted with a dust chute that help in lifting up dust particles from the surface. Bosch 1773AK 5-Inch Concrete Surfacing Grinder and Flex LD1509FR 5-Inch Dustless Concrete Grinder are some quality products of this type of grinder.

While using this grinder, one should always check for the performance of the machine and its parts. Moreover, while purchasing it, one should always know the actual type that one is looking for, the area of the surface where one would be employing it, and the purpose behind using it. Also, one should check for the product quality and customer opinion before buying it for their home.