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5 Succinct Steps for Making a Concrete Countertop Mix

Medha Godbole Apr 7, 2019
If you decide to make your own concrete countertop mix, you are left with a lot of room for improvisation and options to customize it. This post guides you through the process for the same.
Concrete countertops are a good option for the kitchen, where you need something that is durable as well as strong. To install one, you can either get a ready-made countertop mix, or better still, you can make it yourself.
But, as easy as it may seem, making a concrete mix by yourself will require constant vigilance on your part. Make sure you keep the next things in mind, if at any point of time you decide to go ahead with it. Here is a detailed explanation of the entire process.

Step 1 - Getting the Supplies

Collect all the ingredients like pea gravel, cement, aggregate sand, pigment, water, cement mixer, and water. You will also need a wheel barrow for hauling and mixing the materials. For every 1 part of cement, use 2 parts of pea gravel and 3 parts of sand, that is the exact mix ratio.

Step 2 - The Wheelbarrow

Set up shop in a location where there won't be any obstruction and you will be able to work smoothly. Once you do that, fill up your wheel barrow with some gravel, sand, and cement. A poly fiber reinforced concrete is your best bet for the maximum number of slabs. You can also consider using 2 quarts of cement and a 60 pound concrete bag.

Step 3 - Packing with Concrete

Next, pack an inch of regular concrete down around the edges for starting off with concrete countertop mix. Add reinforcing rods in the center along with diamond lath. Finish off by applying a regular layer of concrete.

Step 4 - Blend It

You need to blend the formula well using a mason's hoe. Later, you may use a concrete mixer. For the time being, keep adding water and blend the mixture continuously, using a hoe. Keep at it till the consistency is just right. Roll your mixture into a ball to check the consistency.

Step 5 - Color Me Red

Add pigments in colors of your choice to the mix to get the desired color. You can combine pigments and create colors or you can give the premixed colors a shot.

Tips For Buying Concrete Countertop Mix

If you are going to buy the mix instead of making it, then here are a few things you should swear by.
  • For starters, when you pick a mix, consider if you want any special effects. That will affect the cost as well.
  • Choosing a white mix will help in achieving the desired color.
  • Check out the yield of the mix per package, which will help you buy the right amount for the project.
  • Also check the contents of the concrete.
  • Pour smaller amounts of cement instead of pouring the entire bag in the mixer.
Keep these tips in mind and you are good to go!