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Composite Door Reviews

Composite Door Reviews
Composite doors are gaining popularity for their durability over other kinds of doors. Read more on composite door reviews in this article, to find the best doors in the market.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
The market is flooded with brands, and thus choosing one right product from so many options is really an arduous task. And, this tendency goes for composite doors also, because you have many designs to choose from! While buying doors, durability and quality are two important factors that need to be considered. And durability is the factor, where composite doors steal the advantage. They do have an expiry date but that is of a large period of 25 to 30 years. Basic care like painting the door periodically, and precaution to prevent staining of door is essential. Before we discuss the reviews, let's discuss the advantages of these doors over wooden doors.
Advantages of Composite Doors
As far as look is concerned they give the same look and feel as a wooden door. The word composite here means, the doors are made using many different materials, which gives them a grainy finish. Foam forms the crux material of the door, and makes it a better insulator than a complete wooden door. Other advantage of this door is its light weight, making it easy to install and also reinstall the door. These doors are also cheap compared to wooden doors, making them a smart choice among buyers these days. They are ideal home doors and are suited as front and back doors, both. As the look is same as a wooden door, you can also give rich feel to the home through these doors. Another advantage of using composite doors is that they are fire rated, making them a safe option. The reviews of a few brands given below would be beneficial.
Search for composite doors on the web and you would find many varieties. All these doors come in different sizes, colors and designs. Designs include the simple single doors or gliding patio doors. Most of these doors are also waterproof, making them a favorite among buyers. Brands like AMSCO Windows, Masterpiece, Pella corporation, offer composite gliding patio doors with excellent quality. These gliding doors are safe for kids and are suitable for both office and home. Most of the gliding patio doors come with lifetime warranty, making them an excellent choice. With the installation guide, it's easy to install these doors. Front doors and back doors come under exterior composite doors, and there are many manufactures for these doors.
There are many manufactures selling quality composite front doors. Based on the composite front door reviews, Feather River and Jeld Wen are two popular brands that offer excellent quality front doors. The doors are available in a huge variety of colors, and thus you have the choice to choose doors that match your exterior paint colors. All these doors give a wooden door look, and are also capable of giving both classy and funky look to the home decor. Some doors come with fiber glass design at the center that gives a classy finish. Both these brands have safe lock systems that prevent forced entry and intrusion. The Feather River doors come with many excellent features like use of polyurethane foam core for energy-efficient insulation, composite threshold and weather strip to prevent water infiltration. There are many Feather River doors that come with oak or wood finish to give the classy look. Jeld Wen doors can be painted as per your choice of color, but come with limited period of warranty of only 5 years. Apart from these brands, some manufactures ship doors from countries, where the raw materials that are required are cheap. And these doors are available at local stores at affordable prices.
Hope the reviews in this article helped you in understanding the factors that need be considered while buying a door. Considering their advantages, buying composite doors would always remain a smart buyer's sign. These doors require minimal maintenance and so are considered the best in the league of doors.