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Colored Light Bulbs

Rutuja Jathar Aug 20, 2019
Colored light bulbs illuminate the mood of a place. Not only can you buy them, but you can also color the light bulbs at home itself. Read this story and find out more about these popular light fixtures.
Colored light bulbs are often used during festive seasons all over the world. Light is a symbol of hope and happiness and when you add colors to it, it elevates the joy and happiness to a completely different level. Colored bulbs are popularly used as decorative light fixtures, and are available in numerous types, patterns, and colors.
Most of these bulbs are CFL or LED bulbs--both are brighter and cost-effective options for using in bulk.


Choosing the kind of bulbs you want depends upon the purpose and surroundings in which they are used. For instance, if you are using them to brighten the atmosphere during Halloween, Christmas or an outdoor party, then you need to choose bright colors. 
But on the other hand, if you want to use these as a substitute for regular light fixtures, then you need to choose subtle colors like yellow and light pink. Along with the color combination, you also need to factor in the size, type, and power of the bulbs before you make your final choice.
Since these lights are typically used in bulk, they are available in less power--for instance, 15 watts, 25 watts and 45 watts. These are the standard power sizes, but you can get higher or lower watts in these too.
High power bulbs and spotlights are used for festive occasions and BBQ parties while lower power round bulbs, cornered bulbs and flame-shaped bulbs are used for more subtle occasions like a romantic dinner in the yard.
These bulbs can also be used in bedrooms and other such places that demand subtlety. Bulbs for cars are available in the same power variations and they are quite inexpensive when compared to the regular colored bulbs.

Where to Buy Them?

You can find these bulbs almost anywhere at pretty reasonable prices--home improvement shops, super markets, interior decorating shops and online stores are some places where you can purchase these from.
You can buy transparent colored lights, ceramic colored lights, colored reflector lights, assorted colored globes, small and transparent colored globes standard household colored bulbs and soft pink lights for home lighting as well as outdoor lighting.
Moreover, you can also color these lamps on your own and add a distinct personal touch to them. The following section contains instructions to make colored bulbs on your own.

How to Make Them?

Start by gathering all the required materials to color the light bulbs. These include, table clamps, craft paintbrush, glass paint and bulbs of the desired size. All these essentials (excluding bulbs) are available at any local craft supply store. Make sure that you don't use the regular acrylic paint, since it will not stand the heat of the light bulbs. 
Once you gather the materials, simply clasp the base of the bulb to a table. Then start painting the bulb in the color of your choice. You can use a single color or strips of multiple colors to make a unique design on the bulbs.
In case you don't have a clamp, then you need to color each side of the bulb at a time and then roll it once the paint dries. Use the bulbs only when the paint is fully dry.
Colored light bulbs definitely add more exuberance to the ambiance, and the variety in which they are available is tempting enough to purchase these in order to enhance the décor of our surroundings.